For those of you who rely on Twitter on the desktop and prefer the 'classic' Win32 app and power of Twitter's Tweet Deck then Tweeten is your jam.

Version 1.8 of the beta is now available and with it comes one big feature:

  • Minimize to Tray – Just right-click anywhere in the app and click on minimize to tray

That's quite straightforward but a nice little touch. There have also been fixes for drag-n-drop scenarios on Windows and Mac and they fixed the Report Tweet and Add to list modals, which has incorrectly displayed text.

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Tweeten beta is currently free and is only available for PCs (it's not a UWP app). Don't forget if you are using Windows 10 Redstone for PC you can also use their free Tweeten Edge browser extension.

Download Tweeten for 32- or 64-Bit systems