Tweetium update for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 has many improvements

Tweetium, the popular third-party Twitter app for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1, has a new 3.5 version rolling out that has a number of improvements and bug fixes.

Here's what covered in the change log:

  • Quoted/Embedded tweets are now shown in the main view
  • Quote Tweet button now does a "new style" quote (embedded link) by default
  • "Classic" quote tweet functionality can be enabled in Settings/Advanced
  • Added support for saving tweet drafts and frequently used text snippets.
  • Tweet drafts are removed when you load them from the menu, but can be re-saved to keep them longer.
  • Snippets are saved until removed (via Settings/Advanced).
  • Drafts and snippets are per-account, and roam to other devices.
  • Note: Media attachments are not currently saved with drafts.
  • New "Insert new line" option in the tweet composer (most helpful for phone/tablet with default Enter behavior)
  • Added support for receiving >140 char direct messages (when enabled by Twitter next month)
  • Sending them will enabled in a future update after Twitter turns this on.
  • Fixes for timing issues where progressive loading on scroll could interfere with composing new tweets
  • Fixes for bugs which could occur when cancelling a tweet/thread expansion.
  • Phone: Fixes for issues when hitting the back button at certain times while a thread is expanding
  • Phone: More than 2 suggestions can now be used in each compose/reply box.
  • This is thanks to a new and improved work-around for a WP 8.1 text box crashing bug

Keep in mind that buying the Tweetium app for Windows Phone allows for access to the Windows 8.1 app and vise-versa.

Download Tweetium for Windows Phone 8.1 ($2.99, buy once, buy everywhere)

Download Tweetium for Windows 8.1 ($2.99, buy once, buy everywhere)

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John Callaham