Twitch for Xbox One snags Host Mode, Recent Activity Hub

If you're a big fan of watching Twitch on on your Xbox One, the official app has received a couple of nice improvements in its latest update with the addition of Host Mode and a new Recent Activity Hub. With the addition of Host Mode, you'll be able to continue watching when your favorite broadcaster finishes streaming and starts hosting another channel, just like on the web version.

In addition, there's a new Recent Activity Hub on your landing page that will show you recently viewed and followed channels and games, as well as recommended VODs based on your watch history. Simply put, it'll now be easier to find content you're interested in right on the landing page.

To check out these two new features, you can grab the update on your Xbox One now.

Source: Twitch

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  • Nice!
  • They need to make a universal app!
  • I agree! Its about time to make a universal app. Though, My Twitch I think it is is really well done. ;)
  • Unstream is a good universal app as well.
  • It is, but i would love an official twitch app.
  • Wait, twitch has an official app on Xbox? Why it isnt available on PC or mobile? Didnt Xbox got Windows 10 yet?
  • The developers themselves still have to make some UI and UX adjustments for desktop/phone, even if most of the underlying code is the same
  • Are you implying they are planning mobile app? :P
  • Twitch has been on Xbox One forever.
  • Yea, I figured by now, I was asking beacuse I dont own a console so I didnt knew and I was actually surprised because we only have 3rd party in phone segment. I am using twitch daily so official app would be good news !
  • I am not a fan of being unable to skip long boring commercial's!!!
  • I don't see the updates and I updated yesterday