Twitter PWA for Windows 10 adds chronological timeline toggle

The Twitter Progressive Web App (PWA) for Windows 10 is finally falling in line with its brethren on other platforms with a toggle for switching to a chronological timeline. With the toggle, you'll now be able to change your timeline from showing "top tweets" to displaying the latest, in order, or vice versa (via HTNovo).

In the Twitter app, you'll now see a star icon at the top of your timeline. Clicking on the icon will give you the option to toggle between timeline views, in addition to a shortcut to view your content preferences. Any time you want to adjust your view, you can go back and change your preference with a click.

It's worth noting that Twitter defaults to showing "top tweets" rather than showing tweets in chronological order.

This addition appears to have been made via Twitter's side of things, which is a benefit of PWAs. In other words, you won't have to download an update to start using the toggle. Rather, it should appear the next time you open the app.

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  • Never heard about people who prefer to see top tweets first.
  • It's the same with Facebook. Until recently it was 5 clicks to get the timline-sorted timeline. Now it's only two.
    Or you use some user-JS (or the Swipe4Facebook App on Android).
  • Does not seem to have rolled out in Denmark yet 😌
    And interestingly enough there's also a difference between what I see on and in the Official Twitter app, since there's a Hashtag tab in app, but not on web 😮