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Twitter for Windows 10 is now live in the Store

Twitter has hit the publish button on its new Twitter app for Windows 10, presumably also coming to Windows Phone.

In our short time with the app, we cannot say we are overly impressed but it at least looks okay and does some basic things. For instance, there is no quote RT, no pull to refresh, no settings, no large tile, and no location info.

You do get a search tool and evidently inline GIFs work with a nice little player. Plus you can upload photos. Also, as noted in comments, if you go to your Me tile area, you can see some fine-grained controls for notifications, thankfully.

We'll spend more time with it and see about following up later with more info. The app is likely ideal for very casual users but if you are a power Twitter user, Tweetium is still your best bet.

Download Twitter for Windows 10 (opens in new tab) (Free)

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • OMG.. This is really cool.. W10 wave will soon hit Instagram ,facebook and Snapchat..;)
    ( @Daniel .. Please tell me its in Beta.. And we can expect more features and polish soon:-/ )
  • I don't want snap chat. I just want them to let Rudy Huyn work on 6snap.
  • I like Rudy.. But I dont prefer 3rd party apps(..provided we have a full fledged official app..)
  • I wonder what you think of the official Dropbox app then, cause that one has been made by Rudy ;)
  • I don't mind if Rudy makes every official app.... I just want apps to be official than being a 3rd party apps... ( if 6tag is the official instagram app.. I'd say " just take my money " ) ... Its not about who made it.. It's about official apps..
  • It's a good point that the services need to at least provide something and 3rd party can provide people with options.  Otherwise it's simply "There's no ______  windows app" regardless of available 3rd party or not.
  • It could be the same as how dropbox works. He works on it too, this could be done with Snapchat not that I use it but my little brother used to use 6snap. I think developers will have no choice when win10 reaches billions of devices.
  • YES 6snap was so much better than Snapchat was at the time! Wish we could have that back.
  • I hope some.other developer make an app better than snapchat so Snapchat would no longer be useful
  • Beme
  • Ask Casey for this one
  • @Anon I doubt that... I don't think any1 will use 3rd party apps if we have a decent official app..
  • @AnonWinMicro Highly doubt it. Yasar is right. No one will use third party apps if we have a decent official app.
  • You should know that 6tag has more features than instagram on android and IOS so it will be hard not to use 6tag
  • @Fuller1 - first you said decent, official apps aren't always decent.
    Secondly third party apps can approach things differently, whether that's design or additional functionality. Many times third party can be better than official ones
  • I consider privacy/safety as an important feature than a fancy look and additional functionality..
  • What's that got to do with anything? Or are you implying third party cant have as good privacy /safety? Can be just as good or bad as official apps. If company is open or not to third party can make a difference though.
  • Already done: Cyberdust Nobody uses it because its not "snapchat"
  • we will ride the app roller coaster again.... which app will be next :D ooh boy the windows phone 8 days are back :)
  • Why can't they just port their Android app untouched like what they say about Project Astoria?
  • Twitter already had an app for W 8.1, it's not that a big deal. They just made a true Universal one
  • Notification settings are there, they're under the 'Me' page. Bit underwhelming. There doesn't seem to be an option for multiple accounts which is a big downgrade. Hopefully more features to come.
  • Ah, nice will add that back. thanks
  • Daniel, I have an issue with Windows Central, there is an option to turn on email notifications, however, i have been receiving them for quite some time. Any idea why other than me not checking my email settings (because I've done that and made sure i wasn't blocking emails from central)
  • I hope it comes to Windows 10 mobile with GIF support.
  • Seem like a downgrade from the already bad app.
  • Lol your #hilarious my friend. There's more settings, better notifications and tile as well. Its a nice visual overhaul, and functions better too.
  • That's good to see app getting an update. I am waiting for the Universal USAToday and Netflix universal app. Both should be available upon the release of windows 10 tomorrow.
  • Netflix is already a universal app. Maybe not Windows 10 upgraded but it is.
  • This one is correct
  • Twitter will and Facebook will regret if they don't get their app up to date in windows 10 store soon enough. Windows 10 is no windows 8 or windows phone, they will miss out a lot of traffic. Most older people like my parents and grannies will use fb and twitter more, if there is app updating them constantly
  • That app is actually good. And there's a freaken refresh button who cares about pulling to refresh.  Most people will not know pulling does refresh, but a butto that says refresh, that's easy. 
  • Totally agreed, I pull to refresh because I generally know its there, but it doesn't always work all the time (for any app with that functionality) so I usually end up pressing the refresh button
  • YES!! Pull to refresh rarely ever works in apps lil, I've sat there mastering it on twitter and I 6tag before lol. On Windows central app I now just do the refresh button instead pull down since it didn't always work. Sometimes Facebook is the worst though with that.
  • Are we about to see a nice wave of Windows app updates in the coming weeks? I do hope so
  • Is it better than the previous version?
  • So what time will Windows 10 be available? in how many hours?
  • Lol
  • Don't know how to install this app. The Store keeps crashing withing 5 secs.
  • I don't use twitter a lot so I'm happy with it.
  • Hopefully this refresh motivates twitter to update and refresh the Windows Phone app. I swear it feels like twitter for iOS gets an update almost weekly with new features and bug fixes, but the WP app goes months without anything new being added.
  • Months?.. Are you kidding me??.. Here we are talking about years .. :D the article title should be like this " Twitter app for windows updated after 2 years "
  • True. The Windows version of Twitter never changed during the time of Windows 8.
  • I was really hoping this app would integrate into the People app (for photos and such) but apparently not.  Oh well, looks like I don't have any reason at all to install it.
  • At least they are on a windows 10 app.. Thank god... If they add features in a regular basis..we are good to go..
  • I just wonder if android or ios has such a developer as Rudy
  • Who knows..
  • Well, to be honest, iOS and Android get all of the official apps, so 3rd party apps filling the void of an official app is not really a thing on those platforms.
  • Is this a universal app?
  • "Presumably also coming to windows phone" ... Try to read the article ;)
  • I did. You can be on WP and not be universal app. Try to comprehend.
  • Yes, it is a Win10 app.
  • universal?
  • I don't get the use of this. Windows 10 has a full desktop. What is the advantage over just logging in throug the website? I guess I don't use Twitter "right" that this makes a difference.
  • Notifications, Live Tile, Snapping.
  • Also much faster, and I would imagine at some point you could have Cortana open the app as well. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ease of not having to go to the browser to load a web page. This app has a more streamlined look than the webpage.
  • This is a key point that Microsoft needs to address if they want to see desktop users take up native apps in place of the browser. And hope that generates enough demand that companies decide to build Windows apps.
  • now that .... Seems Faster.
  • And so it starts. Half baked, shitty Android looking sub par apps that will never be updated. Ffs what do you want from Microsoft??
  • "what do you want from Microsoft?"
    So we're blaming MS for a bad app by Twitter? Not sure if you follow, but Twitter has been very anti-app and their official apps on all platforms are pretty terrible. I don't see how this is Microsoft's fault, or at the very least, give some blame to the publishers of the app for chrissakes.
  • I think he is blaming the publishers. Seems to me like he is asking what more can microsoft do to be taken seriously by devs, suggesting that even with all the work done on W10 and all that microsoft has done, the apps still are not up to par. not saying i agree, just think u read him wrong. (or her)
  • I thought the same..
    ( and rockstarzzz is male :D )
  • This, Dan. This. Ffs when will developers REALLY give Microsoft a break and just make a decent app for this platform? Its been like this since my Windows Mobile 6.1 and this is 10. No dayum change.
  • Seems like there has been a misunderstanding of your comment by Dan .. :)
  • Microsoft created this issue by pushing Metro and UWP, to an extent.  Honestly, the only reason why it seems Microsoft has been doing a lot of work is because they have been pushing Metro/UWP so hard.  It has been possible to create 1st class Twitter experiences without that, since forever, but now that UWP is out no developer will touch the "Richer" development platform because it's easy to be lazy and take the easy way out - which is what we have here.
  • Thier Android and iOS apps are not terrible.  Thier Mac app is not terrible.   Are there third party apps that are arguably better, yea.  However, those third party apps are largely locked to only one or two platforms and they aren't running the Twitter company so it's kind of easy to better the Twitter app when your focus is so narrow This app is bad becasue it's worse than practically all of Twitters apps on other platforms, not because it was made by Twitter or simply because it's a 1st party Twitter app. Use of Screen Real Estate is horrible.  When will they learn that Desktops aren't tablets.  This is what they need for Windows Desktops: And unfortunately we may likely never get any polished desktop app due to how horrible they are with their API. Well, that's why I got a Mac.  So I don't have to bitch for days on end about it.  I can just use my other computer.  
  • Funny because the use of screen real estate is terrible on tablets too. Tons of wasted space, and it does not resize or reflow well when snapped. And actually, their website is pretty bad too. Maybe Twitter is just not good with UI.
  • And a third of the screen is margin. They could have made this so much better first run out.
  • If the rewrote app with #UWP for Windows 10, then it's a good sign. It's a big if. But I'll take what I can. Hopefully the development on it will be more regular than previous apps.
  • What about Mobile?
  • I can't believe twitter. Did a new app for us, yet still lacks in features... This seriously pisses me off
  • How many will actually use a Twitter app windows 10 and not their website on Edge? I mean I really becoming sceptical about all this Win10 app thingy....we had apps on Win8 too. I never used them.
  • I kind of like the streamlined look of the app over the clutter that the webpage is. I don't want to get bogged down in extra crap, I just want to see my feed, scroll quickly and then get out of the app. It might not be nearly as full featured as the website but if I need to use all the features then I would go on the site but seeing as I'm not a huge twitter user, that doesn't matter to me.
  • People who want background notifications, quicker launch, live tile, eventual Cortana integration etc... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • For something like Twitter, I'd rather use an app, especially since apps are windowed now. Your point is extremely valid for banking and shopping apps though.
  • Universal right?
  • Hashtag search doesn't seem to work clicking on the link. In fact search doesn't return anything.
  • Very basic redesign. Still useless.
  • MeTweets is 100x faster and better app than Tweetium having owned both. I installed Tweetium several times after every update and installed after 10 minutes. If you tap on a picture tweet that has hundreds retweets or comments, Tweetium is bloody Slooooooow, which is why i find it useless. Where was MeTweets interface is nice and easy offer more ease of use too
  • Without gif support and with the overly large icons MeTweets drops to third behind Tweetium and Twitter.
  • Damn, i was so excited for the new features but guess will have to wait for another 6 MONTHS!!
  • Why does a Twitter app require over half of your screen (especially on smaller, lower resolution screen like a 15" 768p notebook)? This is part of the reason why I don't use Metro/Universal Apps. Why couldn't they just do something similar to the OS X Twitter app?
  • Daniel how do you know it is a Windows 10 app? The same screenshots appear in the Windows 8.1 Store. Also, the Windows 10 Store is not yet opened to the developers, as the Windows 10 SDK is not out yet (will be tomorrow).
  • The screenshots are the but the app you could download yesterday was still the Windows 8.1 app. Today it's the Windows 10 one instead. I know I downloaded it yesterday and today it updated.
  • Looks good
  • No quote retweet yet? Shame on you Twitter.
  • I can't even install it. Keeps reinstalling the 8.1 version, updates show nothing, and uninstalling didn't work either. :|
  • How we know its downloading or not
  • save start screen and app syncing
  • Nice! With gif support I can finally stop using Tweetium! Hopefully the mobile version gets updated soon.
  • Annnnnnnnd the app sucks. No quote retweet no drag to refresh settings are hidden Links to twitter open up twitter in a webpage rather than within the app. Wonderful way to begin windows 10's legacy.