Twitter for Windows 10 picks up multi-account support in latest update

Twitter PWA
Twitter PWA (Image credit: Windows Central)

For users of the Twitter Progressive Web App (PWA) for Windows 10 who also have multiple handles, you can now dynamically toggle between them with just a click.

The update comes to the backend of Twitter, so the changes affect, Twitter Lite, and Twitter for Windows. While there is no app update needed from the Microsoft Store users may need to close and then re-open the Twitter app on their PC to see the addition.

Adding a second (or even third) account is easy. Users click their profile, which should reveal a new '+' icon with an option to "add an existing account." From there, users enter the account information with the unique ability to switch between accounts from the top menu. Oddly, the secondary account seems to have a slightly different layout with the username near the top right instead of on the left side. Likewise, those new sidebar navigation elements are also not present for secondary accounts.

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While a small update the ability to now have multiple-accounts support is a big step forward for Twitter's continually improving app for Windows and other users of PWA.

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  • Finally! Now just need to implement a live feed, ala Tweeten (and their old W10 app).
  • Good now I can add my business Acct.
  • Wow...that was only about three years overdue...