Two Mango powered HTC devices get Bluetooth certification

With the release date coming ever closer and RTM stage being well underway (opens in new tab), it's time for us to see more devices in the news.

It seems HTC are preparing two new handsets for the Mango update. We can now see two new devices that have received Bluetooth certification, although we only have model numbers; PI06XXX and PI39XXX. Could one of these be the HTC Mazaa, Eternity, Ignite (opens in new tab) or Prime (opens in new tab)? Are you looking forward to more handsets from the manufacturer?

Source: PI06XXX (opens in new tab), PI39XXX (opens in new tab); via: PocketNow (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • is HTC the only wp having bluetooth problems? my focus works amazing!
  • My HD7 had terrible bluetooth problems prior to NoDo. NoDo fixed a lot of them, but music streamed form it to my car stereo still has some distortion issues in the upper middle frequencies. I'm really hoping Mango will sort out the remaining issues as I use this setup in my car daily.
  • I thought mine did too but it turned out to be Ford Sync. I got a Dodge rental car and it worked perfect. Funny cause if any car system should work with WP7 you would think it would be their very own Sync.
  • I have a 2010 Ford Fusion with the Sync system and a Samsung Focus. I have had no audio issues what-so-ever when paried together. Have you verified that your Sync firmware is up to date? If not, go to, and click on the Owners link. If you do not have an account, you will need to create one, which requires your vehicles VIN.
  • nice!
  • I have the Arrive but I want to see what Samsung and Nokia will come out with for sprint, if they ever do. The only reason why I got the Arrive is cause I didn't have much choice. It was Sprint's only Windows Phone. I love the keyboard on it tho. I'd prefer a Samsung or Nokia phone, unless HTC finally comes out with a phone with an OLED screen and great camera. Oh Well, I guess it's not my time to worry about it right now since I won't be able to upgrade anytime soon. I'll worry about it when the time comes
  • Same with me on Verizon and my Trophy. It's an nice phone (well WP7 is nice, the phone is ok).I desire something better and higher end. And I am not under a contract of any type.
  • There has to be better selections on Verizon and Sprint this time around. I mean the law of averages is on our side. From zero, it wasn't hard to improve to one. And from one, it can't be hard to get to a couple, right??? (I mean, really, RIGHT??)As I am leaning to Sprint for service when my contract with AT&T is up in November, I hope both CDMA carriers get a couple of Mango flavored devices. Of course one will be from HTC, as they already have CDMA approved stuff on each. From there it is a crapshoot. Nokia is going to go to war in Europe and Asia to get their market share back, so I wouldn't hold my breathe for a CDMA version from them before 2012 in the U.S. Breaks my heart, but AT&T is easily the best bet for good W7 handsets. And the worst customer care.
  • I love HTC handsets. I currently have an HD7 and I'll say the only consistent problem is the weak camera (I've had the 8925, Tilt, Hero, Evo, HD7). Everything else is solid though, and if this Beats integration means badass sound, I'm definitely looking forward to this. T-Mo is rumored to be getting a 4G WP7, so I'm hoping it has at least a 4.3 inch screen.
  • I figured T-Mobile is the most likely candidate to have a Nokia WP7 on their network this year. They have been open to having Nokia phones on their network over the past couple of years unlike AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.
  • I hope it's the HTC Eternity! I got a feeling this will by my next phone. Nokia hasn't shown me it can make a non low end phone anyone would want.
  • im stickign with Samsung , unless HTC comes out with a S-AMOLED PLUS.. looks liek samsung has one in the making :) here comes and other hole in my wallet and a 600$ slap in the face.