Recently, Sega and Two Point Studios releases a hilarious Theme Hospital successor called Two Point Hospital. The announcement trailer was quirky and featured a fictitious disease known as "Light-Headedness." Since its launch, the title has garnered stellar reviews. Gamers have also been asking for more content.

Today, the companies announced the "Sandbox: Freeplay" mode. Sandbox: Freeplay is coming to Two Point Hospital as a beta today, and will get a public release next week, letting players create their own hospital and set their own challenges. The team said, "This marks the beginning of a long line of collaborative projects between Two Point Studios and their players, where the studio aims to update Two Point Hospital with features the players really want." You can take a look at the Sandbox: Freeplay trailer below.

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Two Point Hospital isn't just about treating lightbulbs, it involves managing a hospital and taking care of patients with bizarre ailments. The game, from the creators of Theme Hospital, is a return to one of gaming's most loved simulator genres. Two Point Hospital draws on the experience of some the gaming industry's most experienced and successful developers who, between them, have worked on titles like Black and White, Fable, and Theme Park.

The hospital environment is quite chaotic and the gameplay captures that. Not only do you have to manage patients receiving treatments, but factors like wait times and how other people will be affected by an out-of-control situation must be considered. Two Point Hospital is currently available on PC for $34.99. It's unclear if the game will ever come to consoles.

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