Sega reveals hilarious Theme Hospital successor Two Point Hospital for PC

Today, Sega and Two Point Studios announced a revolutionary new treatment for "Light-Headedness" in their new game called Two Point Hospital. Light-Headedness isn't just a fuzzy feeling in your head, it's actually a lightbulb growing on top of your shoulders. Luckily, Two Point Hospital has you covered because they can fix it. Sega says that Two Point Hospital is coming to Steam in late 2018.

Two Point Hospital isn't just about treating lightbulbs, it involves managing a hospital and taking care of patients with bizarre ailments. The game, from the creators of Theme Hospital, is set to be a return to one of gaming's most loved simulator genres. Two Point Hospital draws on the experience of some the gaming industry's most experienced and successful developers who, between them, have worked on titles like Black and White, Fable, and Theme Park.

Management simulators are an incredibly popular genre and it's very rare to come across one that involves a hospital. Hopefully the unique nature of the game will appeal to consumers. John Clark, Sega Europe's Executive Vice President of Publishing, issued the following statement to the press alongside Two Point Hospital's reveal.


TPH (Image credit: Sega)

We're delighted to finally announce the fruits of our partnership with Two Point Studios and reveal Two Point Hospital to the world. We're committed to finding and working with the best new studios, ones that fit with Sega's ethos to deliver new IP with strong franchise potential. Two Point Studios' vision for Two Point Hospital and their ambitions for it fit perfectly with that notion and we look forward to releasing their game later this year.

Hopefully the game will live up to expectations. From what we've seen so far, Two Point Hospital's focus on humor is the right approach to tackling a hospital environment. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more about the project in the coming months.

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