Two Point Hospital JUMBO Edition releases in March and adds tons of new content on consoles

Two Point Hospital Jumbo Edition
Two Point Hospital Jumbo Edition (Image credit: Two Point Studios)

What you need to know

  • Two Point Hospital is a delightful hospital management simulator that combines satisfying mechanics with quirky humor.
  • The game has successfully translated to consoles, but has a ton of additional expansions and content packs on PC.
  • Now, Two Point Studios is releasing Two Point Hospital JUMBO Edition, which bundles all of this content into one game.
  • The JUMBO Edition will be available on Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch starting March 5, 2021.

Two Point Hospital is the successful revival of the hospital management sim genre, and combines wonderful humor with clever and engaging mechanics to create an overall fantastic game. Unlike some other games in similar genres, Two Point Hospital also translated well to consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, and the Switch. While the base game still contains plenty to do, Two Point Hospital has been missing some of the expansions and content packs that is present on PC. Two Point Studios is fixing this problem with Two Point Hospital JUMBO Edition.

Two Point Hospital JUMBO Edition bundles the base game (which is already included through Xbox Game Pass) with four expansions and two content packs. This means new areas in which to build a fully functioning hospital, new illnesses to cure and cures to discover, and two content packs filled with items for your hospitals. The JUMBO Edition will include:

  • Bigfoot. Build a hospital in the snowy Pointy Mountains, and cure a variety of frozen illnesses with the help of Mr. Yeti.
  • Pebberley Island. Trade frozen for tropical at Pebberley Reef, where your hospital is looking for the secret to eternal youth.
  • Close Encounters. This expansion trades real-world biomes for secret facilities, government secrets, and the possibility of alien life.
  • Off the Grid. Take your hospital green and make it eco-friendly, but watch out for a variety of new illnesses in this clean energy expansion.
  • Retro Items Pack. 26 retro-themed items for your hospital.
  • Exhibition Items Pack. An art-themed pack for your hospital.

Two Point Hospital JUMBO Edition launches on Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch on March 5, 2021. Players will be able to buy the JUMBO Edition to gain access to all of this content, or buy each pack separately if they desire. If you haven't tried Two Point Hospital yet, it's currently available through Xbox Game Pass, making it easy to jump in and build your hospital.

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