Ubisoft is adapting bandwidth usage due to COVID-19 outbreak

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Ubisoft logo (Image credit: Ubisoft)

What you need to know

  • The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused digital services to be strained as more people are staying at home.
  • Ubisoft will be lowering download speeds and changing the release schedule of updates to keep everything going properly.
  • This won't affect online matchmaking or other gameplay-related digital services.

As more and more people are staying at home, digital services are straining and adapting to match the demand. Ubisoft announced today that it is taking measures to balance bandwidth usage to ensure all digital services remain operational. As part of this effort, you might experience slower download speeds for content than you've been used to in the past.

Ubisoft is also moving the release of any new content or updates outside of peak usage hours. Ubisoft is also requesting PC players to consider adjusting download settings within the Uplay launcher to help further minimize the impact of downloads on global traffic. These changes won't have an impact on playing any online games, such as For Honor or Rainbow Six Siege.

Other publishers such as PlayStation have already taken steps to reduce download speeds on PSN in Europe and the U.S, in order to make sure internet traffic is balanced and accessible for everyone. We'll continue to provide updates on any further changes made.



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