Ubisoft's Steep will merge winter action sports with open world gameplay in December

Ubisoft has announced Steep, a new take on the action sports game genre. It will feature winter sports like skiing, snowboarding and more in a vast open world environment. It's due sometime in December for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The game itself will take place in the Alps, and also features sports like paragliding and wingsuit flying. Ubisoft says (opens in new tab)

Steep's challenges are designed to test your skills and create a competitive atmosphere as you and your friends fight for supremacy on the leaderboards in events like Big Air, Proximity Flying, or Forest Slaloms. But it doesn't end there. Steep takes competition a little further with a sharing feature that lets you post replays on social media for your friends to see, which not only gives them a chance witness your spectacular run, but also an opportunity to do better, as you can directly challenge them on the run you created. Additionally, these replays can be edited with different camera angles, speeds, and pacing to give them that extra dramatic feel. Steep also features live riding quests scattered across the world, which push you to explore different parts of the mountain. As you explore, you might run into other players, who you can then match up with and compete against. Or you can continue to go solo and traverse the mountain in search of a perfect run to show off to your friends.

Ubisoft plans to release an expansion for Steep sometime after its launch. The expansion will take place in the mountains of Alaska.

John Callaham
  • this is great for the off season, I much rather strap on my skis for real lol.
  • Getting memories of Steep Slope Sliders for Sega Saturn!
  • My favorite was Winter Heat. What a fun game.
  • Why is the guy in the wingsuit leaving a contrail behind him? Did he eat a bunch of bean burritos for lunch or something?
  • Have you ever skydived? You strap a smoke can to your ankle.
  • Looks interesting.  I like the idea of open world games, love to explore all parts of the map.  Most of the time I play GTA V or Forza Horizon 2 I just drive around, not doing missions or races.  I probably would end up doing the same here.
  • Not sure why you were downvoted. I just countered that, because I love doing the same thing. I love to explore the virtual world / playground. I'm often not very good at these games, so being able to just explore makes me happy. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • +1 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So kinda like SSX?
  • Looks like the perfect game for full body Kinect control
  • Reminds me. I have to start jumping with my new wing suit.
  • Definitely going to look into this game further.  It seems games like this aren't made very often anymore.
  • Steeped tea