UFC for Windows Phone

Let's get ready to...wait, wrong sport

When you’re done pounding down your scotch, you may want to watch some brawny guys beat the heck out of each other—if so the official UFC companion app for Windows Phone may just be your next download.

We say 'companion' because it expands upon the official Xbox UFC Live app for the 360--that app allows you to watch UFC fights through your 360 to your TV and more. (Of course you can use the app without an Xbox 360 too).

The app just landed on the Store for Windows Phone and it’s not half bad (though it does have the default load screen for a split second). Actually, the app had a really gorgeous Metro layout and logs into your Xbox Live account automatically.

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From there, there is not too much to do. You can see the next upcoming fight date and time, then dive deeper into the individual bouts, including comparisons between the fighters and fight info.

The big deal though is the ability to “pick the winner” and see whom your friends picked in addition to the larger community—kind of like betting without any money changing hands. You can then share that info via Twitter or Facebook.

Like we said, there’s not much to it but it is well done and we imagine if you’re into UFC, this is kind of a must have. Hopefully the app will expand in the future (Pinnable tiles? Add to calendar?)

You can grab UFC on Xbox LIVE here in the Windows Phone Store. Thanks, Vinicius, for the link!


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