UK mobile operators to implement bill caps to cover stolen phones

The UK government has reached an agreement with four major British mobile operators to end "shock bills." This move will look to protect consumers from unexpected mobile phone contract price rises with the companies offering greater transparency at the start of a contract. A cap will also be introduced for mobile phones that have been stolen. 

EE joins Three, Virgin Media and Vodafone in the new agreement. Should prices increase mid-contract, the mobile operator will inform the customer and provide the option of cancelling the contract without penalty. The price cap to protect consumers from stolen mobile phone usage is expected to be in place by next spring.

BT, Sky and Talk Talk have all agreed to work towards an EU target of eliminating roaming charges by 2016.

​Source: The Guardian, via: Android Central

Rich Edmonds
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  • That's a decent thing to do.
  • Will not change much from the EE plan prices anyways :)
  • O2 still dithering over a decision.
  • Microsoft should implement something like they have in the new Kinext in their next gen phones before Apple does.  That feature would be face recognition.  The kinect does a great job in face detection.  This would eliminate phones from being used after they are stolen or at least make it harder.  Also, mobile operators should disable and not allow back onto their networks phones with IMEI that they know have been stolen or reported stolen. The caps are fine, seems like there are better ways to prevent the theft in the first place.
  • Facerecognition is implemented in Android for years:)
  • It's pretty funny when you can unlock the phone with a photo ;)
  • Hmmm. How does face recognition work for people in burkas? And doesn't using face recognnition for security increase the odds a phone thief will also take your head?
  • Good move, when i was on three i was able to cap my contract all together without fuss. It was a simple case of a phone call to a laptop call centre in India. Shame their network coverage is shocking.
  • Funny, carriers in Australia have never changed prices mid contract. They just release new plans that you can switch to if you want, or stay with your current plan until your contract ends :) Some let you stay on old plans and recontract again if you wish, even if that plan isn't on offer any more. I always thought a contract was a contract, and both sides should keep give the same for the lengh of the contract (i.e.) carrier gives you x inclusions and you pay y $ for the length of your contract.
  • Eliminate roaming charges by 2016... haha, holding onto their profits which is understandable. Though wish it was next year lol, planning on a trip abroad :P. Also I've never heard of contract pricing changing mid contract either. Also generally speaking once your mobile gets stolen, it is only a matter of a call to your provider and they block the phones IMEI. However it just means it cannot be used in the country where it has been blocked I believe.