Ultimate Torch - a simple Windows Phone flashlight app from the developers of myAppFree

While there are plenty of flashlight apps in the Windows Phone Store, Ultimate Torch is a simple option worth considering that has a bit of flare to it.

The Windows Phone app comes to us from the developers of myAppFree and has a very clean interface along with a Batman mode to give the app a little personality. Ultimate Torch makes a nice first impression and if you are in the market for a Windows Phone flashlight app, you'll want to check it out.

Again, the interface with Ultimate Torch is clean and simple to use. At the top of the app's main screen, you will find a battery indicator and an on/off icon. Across the bottom of the screen is a host of features with your torch icon displayed center screen (swipe to the left to see all the features).

Ultimate Torch

Ultimate Torch will utilize your Windows Phone's camera light or screen to illuminate your surroundings. Features include:

  • Three flashlight modes (solid light, blinking light, SOS mode)
  • Sound effects (crackling of the flame, Batman's theme, etc.)
  • Batman Mode that enables the Bat Signal
  • Voice recognition support to turn off the light
  • Enable/disable light on app start up
  • Live Tile support featuring several Batman themed tiles

If your Windows Phone lacks a camera light, Ultimate Torch has the option to use your phone's display as the torch. The gray blue screen will turn to a bright white when the torch is activated in these cases.

Should you opt to turn off the light when you launch the app, all you need to do is tap the screen to brighten things up. Tap again to turn it off or blow on the Windows Phone microphone (if enabled).

Ultimate Torch is currently rated at 4 Stars in the Windows Phone Store. After tinkering with the app for a short while, the rating may be half a star too low. I like the battery meter being present and being able to blow the light out is neat.

Let us know in the comments below if you give Ultimate Torch a try and remember to rate Ultimate Torch in the Windows Phone Store.

Download Ultimate Torch for Windows Phone (Free)

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