unBand unleashes the Microsoft Band for PC users with custom backgrounds, data export

The Microsoft Band fitness device is a cool piece of technology, but it can also be limited if you don't have a Windows Phone. A new third party app called unBand is now available that allows desktop PC owners to unlock some hidden functions of the Microsoft Band, including Me Tile images and data export.

Currently, unBand allows Microsoft Band users with a desktop PC to change the device's accents to custom colors, along with the background to user-selected images (aka Me Tile wallpaper). unBand is similar to what the Pimp My Band app for Windows Phone allows users to do but without the need for a Windows Phone device.

unBand can also export a user's activity data from the Microsoft Health cloud service, which is definitely a first for the Microsoft Band. The app's web page adds, "We also support exporting GPX files for those of you who like viewing your runs elsewhere."

The beauty here is, of course, that now owners of the Microsoft Band, who do not use a Windows Phone can customize their device. Apps like Pimpy My Band are Windows Phone exclusive, knocking out a good segment of Band owners.

The app installs easy enough on any x86 or x64 PC (so this does not work on an RT tablet). At only 424 kb, it' is also very light on resources. From there, you hop through the various menus to customize the Me Tile wallpaper, accent colors, and view/export your data. The app's UI design is excellent and overall, it looks to be a solid project worth following. Plus, yes, it is free.

unBand's developer, Oren Nachman, has more plans in store for unBand, including graph live sensor outputs (like the app Band Sensor Monitor) and he's also taking suggestions from the public.

It should be interesting to see how this desktop app evolves over time and we will keep an eye on it. Follow the source link below to get started!

Source: unBand Thanks to Chris for the tip!

John Callaham