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Unification for Windows 8 is finally live, more service updates on the way

We've been informed that Liquid Daffodil has finally managed to get its Unification app listed on the Windows 8 Store, enabling consumers to download and utilise the notification centre across the Windows ecosystem. So what's Unification all about? If you're not familiar with the name, or have somehow missed our previous coverage, it's a notification centre that pulls in and stores alerts and notifications from third-party apps.

The one feature that's missing in both Windows and Windows Phone, which is also among the highest in the request list, is a unified notification centre. While it's a third-party solution and isn't by any means as integrated as a native feature, Unification by Liquid Daffodil provides consumers with a centralised location where notifications from supported apps are stored. No more losing alerts and updates from running apps.


As well as the news that Unification is finally available on Windows 8, Liquid Daffodil also shared the following:

  • Current activity is approximately 200,000 notifications per day (phew, that's some number).
  • Developers are looking to implement support for Unification, but are sticking to usual update paths which can delay things.
  • Anywhere between 50 to 75 apps are requested per day, which illustrates just how large the user demand is.
  • The majority of requests sent in are for WhatsApp, as well as the official Twitter and Facebook apps.

As a note for reminding developers and consumers, if you're the latter be sure to bug developers to let them know how much demand there is for Unification. If you're a developer, be sure to get in touch with the Liquid Daffodil team ( and get started with implementing support in apps.


So what's on the horizon? Be sure to look forward to the following in the near future:

  • Language support for German, Spanish, Italian, French and Swedish
  • Web version of Unification sporting functionality to view and manage Notifications via the web
  • Cross-device communication

You can download Unification (opens in new tab) for free from the Windows 8 Store, as well as Windows Phone.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Very useless since it has no certificates from other apps. Have fun using cowlick all your life
  • Wow! That's harsh. I, for one, believe this kind of innovation is key to the platform moving forward. Even if it's limited at this moment. Nobody will force you to use it. So, there's that!
  • This is just too far fetched to catch on.
    Hope Im wrong tho'.
  • +100
  • Msg me when actual devs give a shit about this "innovation." til then, enjoy your pipe dream
  • I'm a dev and I'm building support into my apps for their next update
  • Exactly, what crap!, nothing here for me.
  • Birth canal was actually her butt.
  • Eh?
  • Great, only needs more apps to support it :)
  • When is WPCentral gonna be finally certified for Unification for WP8?
  • Seriously, the same list of apps have been certified ever since it came out. I thought WPCentral would be one of the first.
  • This!
  • But notifications on Windows Phone and Windows 8 are working great.
    -In order to get notifications you, need to have the app pinned on your home screen, even apps you dont want tiles for
    -if you want to quicly catch up with your notification you can easally scroll down all your 3 miles homescreen in order to see your notifications, orginized all over your startscreen
    -You cannot dismiss notifications until you actually see them All of the above if the live tiles remembered to work that day
    and finally
    -LockScreen notifications works perfectly fine. I mean who uses more than 5 apps?
    See we do not need a unified notification center, neither such Apps.
  • Sigh
  • I see your sigh and I'll raise you two sighs.
  • Make it 3
  • I call
  • When I think of a notification the most common thing that comes to mind are the toast notifcations.  You don't need to pin apps to recieve those.  If MS would just at least give us a basic history list of those, I'd be happy, since I miss a good number of them.
  • I agree with you for the most part. I have only have one situation where a unification option would be handy. When my weather app throws a toast notification and I can't get to it in time, I miss it. Fortunately, since I don't have many other apps that throw toasts, I know where to check for the missed message. It could be partialy solved with a number notficiation on the live till like email or messages. But a toast notice gives a nice synopsis of the message without having to open the app. Even though I don't see the need for a notification center, if people want to use this app to make their WP function more like another OS, power to them.
  • I complete differ.  I think the notifications on Windows phone is terrible.  Twice in the past 2 days i've forgotten to reply to message because of the current structure.
    If i receive 2 or more messages and view and respond to only one of them and then exit the app, you never know there's still an unread text message waiting.  It's horrible.   Sometimes you're in a rush and are communicating exclusively with one person trying to arrange meetings ignoring the other messages for later.  y Obviously more often than not i do remember to eventually get back into the app but sometimes i don't.   ...maybe i'm just getting old.
  • soo you're saying wp's notifications are bad because you have bad memory? good logic :P
  • Why are their people that constantly feel the need to defend aspects of this OS that are clearly lacking.  For arguments sake lets say pmich does have bad memory.  This is a TOOL to make our lives better and more productive.  It is supposed to aid us in our shortcomings.  if it doesnt do that then its failing.
    I don't think people do MSC and this platform a service by being fanboys.  Admit its shortcomings, demand better, and help it grow mature.  Stop pretending it is flawless and users who complain are being "unfair"
  • I get a bit sick of the Team WP thing on here. There are things that are blatantly wrong with WP8. We love it, and that's why we chose those phones, but there are massive oversights in the design that would be simple to fix. People who complain will help to get them changed; apologists won't help at all.
  • Weapon of mass sarcasm: delivered.
  • This is great. So sick of people claiming we don't need a notification center because of live tiles which often times don't work, and the super buggy and slow toast notifications (seriously, I get notified instantaneously on iOS when someone tweets or I get a notification on Facebook, on WP I either never get the toast notification or it comes ten minutes late).
  • Sadly from what I understand, Unification uses the same basic tool to deliver the messages. So if an app is buggy and doesn't pop a toast, you won't get a notification in unification.
  • Right? I mean, I totally use all the apps in the WP store and need notifications on all of them. Why would I get an app and pin it to the start screen if I want to be notified about things about the app and, as such, probably use it enough times to warrant wanting to be notified? Ridiculous! And why isn't MS doing all the programming work for these developers by making their apps update their live tiles correctly? Clearly, MS already made their live tiles update correctly, which means they know how to do it, which means they should go through every app in the store and fix the bad programming! And we need to clear notifications in 2 different places in case we clear it in one place and then forget about it because we have poor memories and went into an app despite the fact that we didn't have time so shouldn't have gone in the app in the first place or didn't want to deal with whatever we were notified about. Necessity!
  • I really do appreciate what this developer has done in trying to fill a hole in the WP features.  But I'll probably just wait for MS to finally come out with their own implementation.  This won't work with 1st party apps and it probably won't be able to attract very much support from 3rd party devs.
  • Cool.....but ill wait til its more integrated. Or if wp comes out with one
  • I'm confused,, why is there two versions of Unification for WP?
  • I mean if you have the app pinned to the start screen what's the point just check the live tile. This app doesn't work anyway. I'll wait for the MS solution
  • Useless,...
  • I know notification on WP is terrible but this.... huh
  • Meh
  • I'm confused, so when unification first came out for WP8 I downloaded that 'version.' now for fun I went back to the app in the store just to randomly see if there was an update available, but instead of update as an option I could only install. Being confused, I decided to just install and see what happens so now I have two separate 'versions' which as far as I can tell the only difference is a slightly different design of the icon picture on the live tiles. I went into both apps and they both say version 1.0 and everything else about the apps are identical as far as I can tell...anyone also have this random issue?
  • Actually they had to release two versions of the app. There was some problem with the original release that couldn't be fixed with an update, so MS requested they just do a whole new submission. You'll want to uninstall the old one.
  • Its true that its useless for now atleast, I emailed other developers to support this app but its been over a month and there has been no interest, this app looks like a big fail right now, even wpcentral is not supported?
  • Got to give it a bit of time, the developer support will come soon (I'm building support in our apps, it just doesn't quite happen overnight).
  • v7,x doesnt show my gleek notification :S
  • This is a feature which must be baked right into the OS. Why the hell MSFT didn't bring Notification Center in WP8..? They said they didn't have time, so why not push a small update like WP8.1 OR WP8.01  within 2-3 months, which ONLY INCLUDED NOTIFICATION CENTER.
    Now they are working on WP8.5 OR WP9 which will have Notification center.
  • Should be renamed Toaster.
  • For now it looks to me like a concept App. In theory it could be very very useful but if it doesn´t support the main Apps like Mess, emails, What´s Up, Viber and so on.... it will be forever just a concept.... i downloaded just to show support for this interesting initiative but it´s useles right now.... I hope it expands..... Sadly no on of the big boys is in the list of wating to be certfied.... .-((
  • If they want us to use it as one of our main pinned apps, they need to make the tile icon less ugly...
  • There's a need for all reminders including toast to be centralized in a simple service. Weather. Data limits. Meetings. Missed calls. Turns. Social. . Click into app, etc. View history on calendar and charts !
  • While not bad, this makes it so that whenever Microsoft decides that notification center would be a good thing, developers will have to code for that second solution too. Instead of working hard on key features, Microsoft lets others work twice as hard for them. No wonder developers get frustrated. Why is there no chase app for windows 8? Because they already did one for windows phone 7.5, Microsoft then changed everything, so that chase now has to make double the effort to make an app for windows tablets. What a horrible MESS!