University intern creates impressive Windows Phone marketing video

Chu Yi, a university intern in the US, has created an impressive Windows Phone video. Yi chose to make a model version of a Windows Phone, which sports interchangeable tiles to create a unique effect when coupled with post-production effects (speeding everything up). The general idea was to highlight the ability to personalise Windows Phone to suit individual characteristics. We'll have to admit we're rather impressed.

Microsoft and Nokia have started interesting and effective marketing campaigns for the platform, but we're always looking out for unique productions from consumers too. This video from Yi is a perfect example of how Windows Phone can be customised for each and every owner. So what do you make of Windows Phone 8 being reinvented around you?

Source: YouTube

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • That's really cool.
  • Finally, I get to comment first ... cool video!
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  • That's creative.
  • Microsoft need to give this guy a job.
  • Microsoft needs to put this spot on the air!
  • Brilliant idea and well done!!! 
  • That's a fantastic video that really shows what MS is trying to get across.
  • that's how i impressed my android friends
  • Awesome commercial
    ... Now either they should just pay him and use the commercial or give him an internship!
  • Endorsed
  • Cool video
  • Now if only the Photo tile was customizable (and the accent), lol. This was great. :)
  • Not impressed at all
  • Awh, how come?
  • Honestly, I don't know. I didn't really capture me at all. It seemed very run of the mill, like the Gwen Stefani ad that's currently running.
  • What this student did was allow passerby's to set their own WP tile. It really shows properties and awareness of WP, not some stupid Droid rage that caused more hate and anger.
  • I'm not impressed with your comment.
  • Can somebody post the URL? My company blocks YouTube, so I can't see this on my work computer. However, I can view it on my Lumia 920 if I only had the URL. Thanks!
  • URL is in the artlce (Source: YouTube) or in our app :-)
  • Wow. Fantastic. Microsoft should pick this up & run!
  • A student who can do marketing 100% better than MS. Sad. And who does MS hire, some guy who worked for one of the Democrats presidential nominees, who does negative campaigns. What do we get, DROID rage. And it backfired. MS, they have good products with bad marketing (team).
  • Nice! MS should just pay this guy some money and run the commercial as is. Althouh might want to get rid of some of the thumbs up though :)
    PS, what's a university intern? Is he an intern at the university? Or is he in school and interning at Microsoft or an ad agency of some sort?
  • I was just about to ask this. What the heck is a university intern?
  • He received a record breaking 3 year detention, and is now considered an intern instead of a student.
  • Bwahahahahahaha!!
  • They should pay him for the idea and hire him to be in a new commercial with the same idea and everything but just add more apps like games and also add the accent choices as well, that would definitely be better, I mean it's not bad as is but why not improve not like Microsoft can't afford it lol
  • Great ad! Kid has great concept and ideas. He is actually explaining just how WP is really uniquely that person. To be honest, it's very hard to get customers to understand why WP is so great, when they're just looking at a display device in the store. Cause the device doesn't come to life until you actually make it yours, where it really is an extension of you and your life. MS, keep this kid and give him a job on the marketing team!
  • As good as anything else I have seen, quick and to the point.
  • Nicely done. And while I'm typing let me rant about a related matter. Watching my guilty pleasure show Arrow last night I noticed the use plethora of Microsoft product placements. What bugged me though is this show is clearly becomming popular enough that Apple and Google have become interested. The breaks were littered with the new big yawn iPad ads (Lame! Dull! Meh!) and with more effective Google Nexus ads. Where was a Surface spot or a Windows Phone or Xbox or Windows 8 or anything Microsoft?
  • You have a good point.  I fast forward through the commercials and so I pay little attention to them.  That show is one big commercial for Microsoft there are so many product placements so I figured the commercials would match up.  That is a pretty big fail.
  • Wow, I don't see all the hype for this. IMHO the Microsoft ads are much better. This ad is worthless unless you are already familiar with WP. At least have a VO that says (like the MS adverts) you can customise tiles how you want and this is what is going on. At least the Gwen/Jessica/Cam adverts show different apps, layouts, and why they picked some apps in 30 seconds.
  • Totally agree.
  • uh no, this is a GREAT tactile human phone connection.  Most people just stare blankly at a android or iOS screen and don't have the slightest idea on how to customize it.  This makes it look so simple it is ridiculous and the reality is doing it on the phone isn't much harder than that.  It is a genius concept.
  • Sorry, that should have been "usual plethora of Microsoft product placements"
  • Nice job
  • Am I the only one who noticed the device at the end of teh video.. It is not a Lumia or the 8X kind of strange,, HMM MSFT phone maybe :D
  • I like what he did here honestly, let people just stop and play for a minute at a college campus is smart because word of mouth is rampant there. 
  • Anyone can make a video. So do I get a job at Microsoft hahaha
  • Did you make a great one like this?
  • Put one of those songs used in the Outlook/Windows commercials in it and this is ready for a worldwide marketing campaign. Top notch.
  • What school was this taken at? UCLA?
  • Not really impressed with the video.  The concept through is great.  Microsoft should pay him for his idea, and make their own more professionally shot video of this.   Maybe take the concept to The Mall of America, and do a video.
  • Better in a REAL big city.
  • Like. :)
  • He did a great job,...
  • *facepalm*  It is so simple it is genius, and Microsoft isn't doing this.  Fire the tards in marketing and just have this guy run promotions.
  • +100000000000000000
  • Wait... reading some of the comments about him being in college and how other Android and ios users don't know how to customize their phones just brought up another idea...Microsoft should do a college tour with Ben, the WP guy who did those "I'm going to show you how Windows Phone is a better match for you rather than Android or I phone..." videos found here He can start doing these mini college tours with a WindowsPhone/ Xbox wrapped eco friendly car, and hold the same competitions he does in his videos. MS can even give a scholarship to each school on the tour. In turn, it will bring a ton of popularity to WP and adding x box will help draw attention to WP as well.
  • The colors and eye popping ppi will make it a stand out device...especially among younger generations.
  • The bumpers were nice, but the rest was pretty amateur.
  • This more than anything I've seen communicates the ability to personalise your phone the way you want it.
    Brilliant. Yet another ad MS should be using!
  • Cool ad