Unlocked Lumia 830 update hitting more European phones with Lumia Camera 5 support in tow

For owners of the international, unlocked Lumia 830 – that's the RM_984 – in some European countries there's a happy surprise pushing out this evening, as the necessary software update to enable Lumia Camera 5 is here. The OS version should read 8.10.14226.359, and when you reboot after installing you should see an app update waiting in the Store for you. And that would be Lumia Camera 5.

This is of course one of the flagship upgrades with Lumia Denim, and while the 830 came to market with Denim pre-loaded, we were still waiting on another update to enable the new camera features. Among the goodies is a faster startup time, Rich Capture and some updated imaging algorithms that should give us better performance in low light. There's no 4K video recording for the 830 of course, but that's down to hardware restrictions.

If you're holding a Lumia 830 close to you right now and you've not had a notification, go ahead and get into your Settings menu and manually check for it. We've only just installed – and it's dark – but we'll be back soon with a closer look at Lumia Camera 5 on the Lumia 830. To clarify, we're seeing the update in the UK and Republic of Ireland pushing out now, but a quick check of Microsoft's support page show that this build should also be available for a number of other European country variants. Check the link at the foot of this post to see if yours is on there.

And if you need a link, grab the app from the Windows Phone Store below.

QR: Lumia Camera 5

h/t to @jimboireland!

Source: Microsoft

Richard Devine
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