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Unlocked Lumia 830 update hitting more European phones with Lumia Camera 5 support in tow

For owners of the international, unlocked Lumia 830 – that's the RM_984 – in some European countries there's a happy surprise pushing out this evening, as the necessary software update to enable Lumia Camera 5 is here. The OS version should read 8.10.14226.359, and when you reboot after installing you should see an app update waiting in the Store for you. And that would be Lumia Camera 5.

This is of course one of the flagship upgrades with Lumia Denim, and while the 830 came to market with Denim pre-loaded, we were still waiting on another update to enable the new camera features. Among the goodies is a faster startup time, Rich Capture and some updated imaging algorithms that should give us better performance in low light. There's no 4K video recording for the 830 of course, but that's down to hardware restrictions.

If you're holding a Lumia 830 close to you right now and you've not had a notification, go ahead and get into your Settings menu and manually check for it. We've only just installed – and it's dark – but we'll be back soon with a closer look at Lumia Camera 5 on the Lumia 830. To clarify, we're seeing the update in the UK and Republic of Ireland pushing out now, but a quick check of Microsoft's support page show that this build should also be available for a number of other European country variants. Check the link at the foot of this post to see if yours is on there.

And if you need a link, grab the app from the Windows Phone Store below.

QR: Lumia Camera 5

h/t to @jimboireland!

Source: Microsoft

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  • c:
  • Seem faster?
  • In this case, yes. SO MUCH FASTER.
  • How about a video of SO MUCH FASTER. Yes, we've seen the 930 improve, but not a release build of 830 Camera 5.
  • It's 22:13 at night where I am. No video until it's daylight at the earliest. Not from me anyway.
  • Would be good to see sometime.  Might motivate users to the benefits of the 830. With all the Denium confusion, showing what the 830 really gets would be a good article.
  • Excellent! The start up on Nokia Camera generally is terribly slow.
  • I want I on my 1020 :O
  • You do get that Denim does nothing for you if you are on the PFD? The PFD already includes all the OS stuff and there is no new firmware. You are not getting Lumia Camera 5 but will stay with camera Classic. If you don't have PFD then there will be an update to the OS.    
  • Based on his emoji, he knows his 1020 will not be enhanced.
  • Hopefully this means that AT&T 830 isn't too far behind.
  • ^ This
  • I've given up hope on that for a while. I've been waiting for so long, every time there's a release I just check for the sake of it and prpare to be let down. No clue why this is so far behind...    
  • I'm guessing att soon.
  • Guess we come last. - RM-985 owners
  • True, but probably still way ahead of other folks who still don't even have 8.1
  • Not last, unlocked 1520 still not updated, why not? No carrier issues so why not first to update?
  • I am afraid so..... I thought the 985 was the CV version btw because it's working on all networks
  • Also a RM-985 owner. Still waiting...
  • Still waiting for the full Denim on my 1520 rm-937 Hong Kong edition :(
  • Me to brother... Me to. And Denim on my 830 985 as well
  • Nope rm983 owners, (att) will be last
  • All CV's 830? What you mean with International version?
  • The RM_984 as is written in the post
  • I read that. But RM984 it's the Product model for a lot of 830 version, including carriers/countries (including branded phones) and etc.
    I'm surprised that MS released such update to all these phone. Also it's strange that the 830 version RM-985 also have an international version.
  • Well it says unlocked in the headline, so there's that as well.
  • Well thanks for update the article, more clearly now :)
  • Mines rm 984_1037 so not had any update so probably not the right one then
  • Dat Update must be available to 730 too :/
  • Why? ...
  • Because 730/5//830 are the newest Lumias maybe...
  • 730 is not pureview... nokia/microsoft have to make worth those 200 extra bucks for the 830
  • Pureview only affects the quality, not the features, those features and the launch speed, at least the launch speed, are affected by the code... And MAYBE processor's capabilities which is the same on 730/830
  • Yes, but those almost 200 extra bucks you pay for the 830 won't be just for a better display and metal frame... you're also paying for software exclusivities, this is the biggest one Yes, the 730 CAN run this new camera app (in terms of specs) but yo just didn't pay for it
  • It's just 100€ here
  • I think the Lumia 730 is verry well covert with the default microsoft camera till Windows 10 arrives with the Lumia Camera. The micrsosft camera allready is imressingly fast and i dont see the point of havig the "Pro" options on a mid range phone camera.
  • The default camera in Win 10 will include the pro features for ALL windows phones, but the lumia 5 camera with speed, hdr, rich capture, etc... will still be exclusive to lumia pureview smartphones
  • For 200 extra bucks you get a heavier phone, a worse ffc and worse screen quality. Yay! :?
  • Heavier is better for me, it feels more solid (maybe is just a taste of mine), also 20g is hot so much Not have any idea of what FFC means, but display is way better in 830, it has IPS LCD, which I prefer over the oversaturated AMOLED screens (Color feels more natural, whites are whiter, in daylight is better [when I compared them with my friends' 730] no burn in in lond term, less power use with ALL colors except black etc) Also for those 200 extra bucks you're paying for a premium flagship features like gyro, metal frame, double stage caera button, sculped glass screen, thinnest lumia ever, 3 mics, best audio quality in a lumia, 5 inch display, wireless charging...
  • *implying the 735 doesn't have wireless camera, isn't the lightest Lumia ever, best front facing camera, lowest Fstop, tried and tested design, deep black and gorgeous HD screen
  • Well, considring that your deep black and gorgeous HD screen have a horrible color reproduction... maybe that's why lumia camera IS in 830 and not in 730... is pureview, you paid for that software exclusivity with the phone (and YOU KNOW that, MS announced that this new camera will only be available for pureview phones) And also 830 have the best display for me, 930's AMOLED is very very good, a lot better than 730's but still not better than a good IPS LCD
  • Does not show any software update yet. *India, L830*
  • same here, Finland 830 :c
  • Same in sweden
  • Does lumia 630 has rich capture?
  • Probably not, I think its limited to 1520,930,830 & ICON
  • :(
  • Downloading on my gf 830 right now :)
  • Good news indeed
  • i have the RM_984 L830 but stiII no update
  • Hoping to get it on my Icon by sometime next year...
  • Great to hear!
  • And still nothing for the Lumia Icon. I'm so over Lumia.
  • The Lumia is your fault, its Verizon or buying phones under contract. Lol
  • You think? That's why 930 on any other provider in the world has at least Cyan if not Denim update...Verizon Icon is still running Black.
  • Must be on Verizon, it's really sad the MO is ruining the experience
  • If I were you I would be over Verizon. It is them that have the control not MS. Having said that though I read here that there are planning to skip cyan and go straight to denim for the Icon.
  • still I didn't get any update.... why?
  • You must be on their do not update list. 
  • Does rm985 also get the update?
  • It will, just not yet.
  • Is this the one sold at Microsoft stores in the USA ?
  • I believe rm985 is the one sold in the ms stores
  • Thanks for the reply kind soul. Alas, I wait longer. At least I don't have the Icon on Verizon
  • Camera starts instantly from camera button now
  • Well, that's great!
  • My phone doesn't show any update ! :( it says you are up to date :(
  • Still waiting for Denim on Lumia 1020. Don't care about 4K or rich capture.. I want windows 8.1.1 the new IE and folders. :/
  • Join the developer preview then. Cyan + 8.1 latest = Denim, for the 1020.
  • I have a 625,with Denim Update,not aviable bla bla bla... dafaq?!
  • There are about a hundred variants of CV firmware for L830, did they all get it?
  • Added a line to clarify where we're seeing it so far.
  • Funny, just one day after I flashed the German CV ROM to enable the new camera^^
  • Just installing now on my uk unlocked 830
  • No updates ... Checked 5times :P there is "ghapla" :D
  • Mine just notified me too but I have no wi fi at home
  • Something is of here, my 830 (NL CV) got an update a couple of weeks ago to 8.10.14219.341, which automatically replaced nokia camera with lumia camera and made it the default photo app... And for some inane reason MS insists on releasing updates over a period of several months, so I have a hard time believing that all RM-984s get an update on the same day...
  • same here, got the phone saturday, two weeks ago and received the same update and indeed Lumia Camera 5,0,2,42. this on a brand new phone which didn't even had a sim in it.
  • I just got the notification (and came here to confirm), mine is installing now! :)
  • Updated and running perfectly. Boot feels faster and Lumia Camera 5 is awesome!
    *Lumia 830
  • Downloaded. 830 UK
  • When Russia update 830?
  • one week ago)  
  • Will the 920 be getting it as well. If not
  • No, You only the os features, no Lumia camera 5
  • Can't wait to goto free wi fi tomorrow and download as I have no wi fi at home. I wish Microsoft would let me download via mobile network I have unlimited data
  • at last!
  • Still no update here in tge Philippines
  • My 830, ( RM_984), with the mobile operator 000_HK, for Hong Kong, has not recived the updated.
  • Mine has not either... Same 000_HK variant... I updated it with dp last month and took it off when is was done... I hope I still get this update
  • Just missing the lumia 925, today the camera of this phone, surprise me, I love!
  • Camera on my Att 1520 just switched to Lumia camera 5. I was just sitting here watching tv when the camera came on by itself. I took a few pics with it but they seemed no different than Lumia Camera Classic. Then I held the camera button and the timer counted as it was recording. However nothing showed up in my photo album.
  • Has Microsoft forgotten About 1520 no update in India
  • Mine also same question. Is this the way Microsoft treats flagship Lumia users in India and Asia? They hav larger market share here than in US. They only updated 520 one and half months ago. There after tracker page hasn't seen a single letter update.
  • I thought I got it here in Saudi Arabia!!!
    The version number is not the same :(
  • I bought the 830 in KSA and I received the update last week.? It's awesome!!
  • Yes, finally got the update notification on my 000-33 European unlocked 830
  • No love for other lumias
  • I've just got that update last night ^^ I confirm that the camera startup speed is WAY better.. but the Lumia Camera app is a bit awkward to me though, the HDR feature is automatic and not manual. But boy! The picture quality is Excellent!!! Long press on the camera button triggers the video capture as boasted and lets you either pic manually the best pic or the automatic best pic... I noticed that the pictures can be snapped one after the other but the saving takes more time and is done in the background. I would advise anyone to take the pictures you have to take and wait afterwards to filter and delete those that arent right for example. Will post some samples later today :D  
  • Lumia 830 RM-984_1005 000-SE No update in sweden yet :( :(
  • 930 here updated one month ago...i guess thats because of the premium price. 930 its a true flagship now :)
  • what lumia 730?  
  • Seems faster. It also gave me the option for a data toggle button in the notification center!
  • Frustrating.....
  • Arrived here (UK, 830 country variant) late last night so I guess 10am Pacific time.  Main obvious benefit is much faster camera (I was using Lumia Camera 5 with the button press workaround, now of course not needed). Had 830 since December, upgraded from a 620, very happy with it.   Not found rich capture yet though,or is that simply the new default setting? Also smart sequance seems to have gone - it was never great quality but delivered some fun results.      
  • Smart sequence features now inside lumia moment
  • Press the little wand icon in camera mode take a shot and afterwards press edit in rich capture
  • i have a lumia 830 unlocked edition (UK) and still have yet to receive this updated version of denim. how strange.
  • I'm not sure how often the phone looks for updates, maybe only every few days, so perhaps check manually under settings - phone update.  The whole process took about 40 minutes.
  • Nothing here, Denmark
  • Is recording jn 4k or not in Lumia 830
  • When this update come in india
  • Got my update all working well. Rich capture is brilliant.
  • No Update here-
    Lumia 830
    Sad me :'(
  • I still don't have denim on my 520 Saudi Arabia :'(
  • Không biết khi nào mới có bản denim cho lumia 1520 hóng mãi mà lâu quá Microsoft ơi . ​
  • Noticed something new on the update that you can have an software update install at a preset time
  • it's dark? what that means?
  • The update wasn't showing on my phone - RM_984, CV GBIE - but I was opted in to Preview for Developers. I was running build 8.10.14219.341. I've just opened the Preview for Developers app, unchecked 'Enable Preview for Developers', and checked again, and hey presto, it's now downloading an update. Strange state of affairs where members of a preview programme end up behind the official release cycle.
  • When i do that, it get stucked on searching for updates and nothing happens. RM-984_1005