Unlocked Surface 3 LTE tablet pre-orders go live at Microsoft Store

As promised earlier this week, Microsoft has started taking pre-orders for the unlocked versions of its two Surface 3 LTE tablets on its store site. The version with 64GB of storage and 2GB of RAM is available for $599, while the one with 128GB of storage and 4GB of RAM is priced at $699.

Shipments of the Surface 3 LTE are expected to begin on September 19 in the US. The unlocked versions of the 10.8-inch tablets will be able to connect to AT&T and T-Mobile's network with a supported SIM card. Canadian pre-orders are expected to begin on September 10 and the unlocked Surface 3 LTE will go on sale in France, Germany and the UK on October 2.

Check out the 64GB/2GB RAM unlocked Surface 3 LTE at the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab) ($599)

Check out the 128GB/4GB RAM unlocked Surface 3 LTE at the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab) ($699)

John Callaham
  • Really wish it was available for Verizon (CDMA LTE).
  • Who needs CDMA?... I'd be happy with Verizon LTE!
  • Verizon is annoying.
  • It will work with Verizon's LTE.
  • It was available in Australia for a while now with LTE (and unlocked) for some time now, according to online customer support
  • Off topic: It's the Nokia 3310's 15th b'day!!
  • Off topic, my phone is a Nokia 106.3 which just purchased in mid 2015. For those telling Nokia will make Android, the answer is never, Nokia is now part of Microsoft.
  • Not nokia .. Lumia is alone part of Microsoft now
  • Nokia feature phones are part of msft.
  • You must not have heard of the Nokia N1?
  • Can imagine the conversation in a Tmo store when you try and buy a SIM for this, probably tell you Windows isnt supported and try and sell you an ipad.....
  • I saw on imore --- iPad pro to be released in their Sept briefing. Lol I can guarantee they will make it sound like its something brand new to the world.
  • And you feel personally offended by this? Rofl.
  • It's not that Apple offends me by it, it's that I'm offended by the stupidity of humanity that thinks Apple is still being innovative in the last few years. The "iPad Pro" will probably be a limited use Surface knockoff and people will eat it up because they don't know they can look beyond Apple.
  • Always trying to make it look like it's some brand new invention or innovation, you know. And probably with an accessory stylus that costs as much as half the tablet itself. Lol.
  • You are right about that.
  • if its unlocked shouldnt i be able to go to any carrier, isnt that the purposed of unlocked? i never used an unlocked device always went to my carrier Verizon, please help me understadn how a unlocked device is still locked to a specific carrier
  • Radio. AT&T & T-Mobile use GSM while Verizon uses CDMA. Even for LTE, they use different frequencies.
  • Its unlocked to GSM.
  • What's up with no Verizon support? I don't care about CDMA, I just want LTE data. Is it possible to bring this to Verizon and get that?
  • They'd have to change the LTE radios.
  • Or they could have built in support from the beginning.
  • I wish the surface pro 4 would have lte.
  • Surface 3 is a very underrated device, but its perhaps because reviewers try to compare it with Surface Pro 3 which is on another league. This device has similar performance than an iPad Air2 or a Nexus 9 tablet + the benefit that CherryTrail supports 4GB of RAM since its 64-bit CPU. Don't make a mistake purchasing an iPad Air 2 or a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (2014) tablet, this device beats them with features others don't have like H.265 decoding, 4K video support (at 30hz), Perhaps the only aspect which one would critizice Cherry Trail is for the GPU which is between Qualcomm Adreno 330 (PowerVR G6430) and Adreno 420 (PowerVR GX6450). This is not only a tablet, it has multi monitor support so it can also be used as a light workstation, something Android and iOS are not good for. (Both iOS and Android apps don't work well on the desktop). The best thing of all is Surface 3 has support for millions of programs, while iOS and Android support hundreds of thousands of mobile apps.
  • I wish att had the 128 4gb I'd buy it right now
  • No thanks...I have Tmobile with a 5gb tethering allotment included in my plan a month. If I go over...the speed only slows down. Tmobile FTW!!!
  • Considering that the cell modem on my surface 2 with LTE has disappeared, I think I'll pass
  • This is the problem with this fine device pricing wise. At IFA, Lenovo just announced a Surface Pro Clone, loaded like you will not believe, comes standard with keyboard starting at $699.... What are guys and gals to do... decisions, decisions decisions.
  • Very tempting. But I carry around 3 LTE devices now that can each be mobile hotspots for my Surface 2pro. (1520, 2520, 640)
    AT&T 40 gig share with rollover. $150
    (off topic. Noticed big increase in ATT data plan cost$ recently)
    Regardless, Surface 3LTE is a sweet looking package.
  • Can you share your internet connection with the 2520?
    I've been looking to get that information directly from a former owner of the device, but not luck yet
  • Nice.  60 GB shared no rollover on VZW for $175 before discounts. I dropped unlimited years ago.  All my tablets are rocking LTE these days. It's like electricity and running water.
  • 2GB ram?
  • The model with 64GB of storage comes with 2GB of RAM, while the 128GB of storage comes with 4GB of RAM. You don't get RAM options with Samsung and Apple devices, which is why I think Surface 3 blows the competition away.  
  • Can I take the sim out of my ATT lumia and use it? or will they need to change anything on my account? I am able to swap my SIM between lumia phones, but this is technically a laptop.   I have the unlimited plan, so i am not able to use my phone to tether my SP3    
  • Typically they won't complain about that. It's only a problem when you put your tablet sim in a phone. A tablet add-on for AT&T is $10, vs. $15 for the phone.
  • According to the Microsoft website, the unlocked Surface 3 uses LTE bands: 4G LTE7: 700, 800, 850, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2100, 2600 MHz • LTE Carrier Aggregation And I believe verizon uses LTE bands 700 and 1700 (and I thnk 1900) so with that logic, this tablet should work with Verizon no? I have an ipad air 2 currently with Verizon, but love to switch out to the surface for more productivity.  
  • You're right, it should work