FB Pages Manager now available for Windows 8, helps you keep up with your Facebook pages

Facebook may have an official app for Windows 8.1 but they haven't yet released an app to manage your Facebook Pages. Luckily, Imagination Overflow has FB Pages Manager. Does that name ring a bell? That's because they make the popular Windows Phone app. Now the company has released a Windows 8 app by the same name and it is quite useful for managing content on the fly with your Windows 8 tablet.

Why have an app dedicated to one park of Facebook? Mostly because Facebook Pages are a pretty big deal on the social network. Facebook Pages give brands, organizations, products, services, celebrities, and individuals to create public facing profiles for fans to interact with. They look quite a bit like a dedicated Facebook profile, but they have a few power features to make them handy for their role on the social network. Another different between a regular profile and a Facebook page? A profile can have up to 5,000 friends on the network, while a Facebook Page can have an unlimited number of “likes”. Which is why we need a dedicated app and where FB Pages Manager for Windows 8 comes in handy. 

The application itself includes abilities to update your pages status, manage older statuses, respond to messages, and comment on your page’s posts. FB Pages Manager even allows you to view page insights and notifications. The developers describe the capabilities of the application stating that “pretty much everything on your pages that you do on your PC” can be done using this app.

The application can be grabbed now from the Windows 8 Store for free. To visit the application’s download page in the Windows Store, simply click here. (Need the app for Windows Phone? Grab this link.)

Do you have a page you are managing on Facebook? Share it with us!

Source: Windows Store; via  Winbeta

Michael Archambault