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Unreal, Unreal and Cocos2d game engines will soon have easier access to Visual Studio tools

Microsoft has announced it has reached agreements to offer easier access to its Visual Studio development tools for three major game engines: Unreal, Unity and Cocos2d.

Microsoft stated:

"Each of these top gaming engines' installers will now offer the ability to co-install Visual Studio Community on Windows, along with the plug-ins required for Windows developers building for these engines. In addition, we will make it easier to discover and use the tools for Unity, Unreal and Cocos2d from within Visual Studio 2015."

Microsoft has already announced that the latest versions of the Unity and Unreal engines will support the company's DirectX 12 game graphics API for the launch of Windows 10 later in 2015.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

  • Unreal, unreal title :D i can't belive this news is so unreal its twice unreal and not unified (unity get it? Bad pun i know :'( p.s. First )
  • Mistake in the title of the article. Please rectify it. Forgot to put unity there.
  • Seriously... Lol....
  • This is unreal!  They're all in unity. Remember of course that Unreal doesn't support WP unlike the other two.  Just in case you're thinking of writing a cross platform game.
  • That's most likely coming with w10 tho
  • Source?
  • Logical thinking. Unified Kernel, Unified OS, Unified toolsets.  
  • Yeah all the signs have pointed to it. Unreal said they were waiting to see w10 before supporting it. And then Microsoft announced they are working with Unreal on a W10/DirectX 12 version. And then the logical assumption that this would then include phone as they've also already announced a mobile version of DirectX 12
  • Does that mean the Unreal Engine will soon support C#?   I love the language and hence why I love Unity  :)
  • Nah I seriously doubt Unreal Engine will ever support C#, they've written it in C++ for a reason and keeping it like that.
  • Windows Runtime apps generate native code that executes just as fast as C++. Never say Never.
  • Does make you wonder. Since MS are now opening up their systems and providing greater support for c# into Linux for example. I am REALLY impressed with the decisions MS are making recently. Completely changed the direction they were heading in and changing the way we will all use our devices and computers in the near future.
  • Hope unreal will be on Windows 10 mobile soon.
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  • msft should try to bring in cocossharp ...
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  • Ok here's some information, or rather my views....i use unity, and i feel left out by this post... That's not fair John :(
  • Hope Windows 10 is the only gaming platform so SteamOS can suck it!
    Hate steam
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  • Johnny America, proving his roots once again. Unreal, Unreal.
  • Proving how much he reads the comments
  • +1 Thanks MS :)
  • This is fantastic news!!!