Untappd gets image uploading restored, allows you to once again share your brews

It was way back in May when the official Untappd app arrived for Windows Phone 8. The popular beer social network is certainly a niche service, but one that is growing in popularity. While the app itself is a PhoneGap release, meaning it’s not natively coded for Windows Phone, it is still better than nothing.

Late last night, version 1.1 of the app finally went live in the Store and it brings along with a handful of fixes, including the ability to upload images (which was broke) and the capacity to share to Twitter and Facebook.

The app itself has not changed in any significant way as far as we can tell, meaning it is still not a native app and as a result, it doesn’t have a Live Tile. That’s a bit of a shame, but for beer drinkers at least everything is working as we were able to checkin with an IPA.

If you’re not a fan of the PhoneGap Untappd app, you can take solace in Tapped, a natively coded third party app that is in private beta at the moment. We’ve been using Tapped as our main checkin for the beer network and we can pass along that it is coming along at a quick pace.

The developer, Chris Millar, has been pumping out updates at a steady pace (nearly every other day) and it shouldn’t be too long before we can announce its public availability. That app should go a long way in giving Windows Phone users yet another unofficial app that is better than the official one, natch. You can read more about that app in our earlier report.

For the moment, you can grab the official Untappd v1.1 app here in the Store. Windows Phone 8 only.

Thanks, bellyer, for the tip

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