UnZip is this week's Windows Phone myAppFree Deal

Touted as the best file archiver for Windows Phone, UnZip is the myAppFree Windows Phone deal of the week.

The app supports a wide range of compression formats, password protection for the archive files you create and has support for multivolume archives. The Windows Phone app normally sells for $2.99 but through the myAppFree deal you can pick up UnZip for free over the next twenty-four hours. As an added bonus, being a Universal App, the Windows 8 version of UnZip is free as well.


Here's a quick rundown of UnZip's key features:

  • High speed zipping and unzipping
  • Can create and unpack archives with a password
  • Support for the following file formats: .zip, .gx, .bz2, .7z, .xz, .ixo, .lzma, .cpio, .ar, .lzip, .lzop, .lz4, .tar, .tgz, .rar
  • Support for multi-volume archives

The interface is clean and simple to bounce around and in just tinkering with Unzip for a short time this morning, the performance isn't too shabby.

UnZip receives nice reviews in both the Windows Phone and Windows Store, nailing a 4.5 star rating in both Stores. If you've been tempted to pick up either version of UnZip, now is your time to take the plunge and save a little through the myAppFree Deal.

The Windows Phone version of UnZip normally lists for $2.99 and the Windows 8 version has a price tag of $5.99. Over the next twenty-four hours you can pick both versions up for free.

The deal may not be reflected in the myAppFree Windows or Windows Phone app just yet due to time zone differences but the deal is already live in both the Windows Phone and Windows Stores. If you take the plunge and give UnZip a try, remember to rate the app in the Stores and let us know what you think of UnZip in the comments below.

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  • Thankyou
  • "Unzip" is my free deal every day ;)
  • What's better unzip or 8 zip?
  • Note that this free version is NOT marked as a universal app (as stated in the article). It is, however, also available for free in the Win8.1 version of myAppFree. The difference? Better make sure you download it on both your Windows and WP devices before the time runs out on the offer or you'll lose out.
  • I plan to submit my application after a big update and rewrite in RT :). Hope everyone will enjoy it and be of use.
  • Which app?
  • A unofficial Bandsintown app, you can find it here: http://bit.ly/1AAhEyK
  • 8 zip is the best!
  • Unzip or 8 zip or 7z-zip-rar?
  • 8zip
  • I cannot see the option to zip a complete folder while the other 2 provide this feature. Does 8 zip have this feature?
  • Yes it does.
  • How? Pls tell.
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  • 8zip or Unzip?
    I'm using 8zip and it's great. Just want to know other opinions!
  • Already got 8zip for free, now another one. :)
  • I have already downloaded it today..long before this post..
  • You sir, deserve a slow clap for that monumental feat
  • 8 Zip is better. With 8 Zip I can open a file and add more files to it. This only allows me to extract or create a new file entirely.
  • Dont see the point for amd64 as there are better options on there. As for arm not so much
  • Tablets are amd64 too...
  • is $7.99 price tag for WP version, not $2.99  
  • Hey guys windows 10 build 10074 iso leaked... Search it... It has 3D tiles features..
  • Unrelated and people should stick to official releases.
  • Exactly. You never know what bugs creep up in new, unofficial builds. It can brick a phone or render a PC useless without a full reinstall.
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  • Add yet another free app from myFreeApp. :) thanks guys!!
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  • You guys know that MyAppFree actually offers free apps on a daily basis, right? Then why is there only a weekly report on this and what is the criteria the become your so-called "app of the week"? Is it just the app that happens to be the daily highlight on a Tuesday? Does the collaboration with the platform not allow you to post more than once per week on this? Because I wouldn't mind a daily newspost instead, it sure would be more relevant than the Xbox, Steam, telco or even general gaming news that appears here.
  • I agree. myAppfree apps should be reported everyday!
  • "I wouldn't mind a daily newspost"
    Download the MyAppFree, and get over it.
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  • WP 10 should have this ability built into the native file explorer
  • Microsoft Files app allows viewing and opening .zip files already.
  • Creating a zip or rar? No, it doesn't.
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  • When is 24 hrs over the time this post was posted, which was 3:40PM EST ?
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