Updated eBay app for Windows Phone coming in March

Have you used eBay on Windows Phone recently? If so you probably walked away a little dissatisfied with the experience. Head to the Windows Phone Store and you’ll see it sitting there with an average review of three and a half stars, but a lot of dissatisfied users. It’s not a terrible app per se, it’s just lacking a lot of features and functionality that you’d want in an eBay app. This is especially apparent when compared to the app offering on iOS and Android. No worries though, since eBay is getting an update ready for you.

Read reviews in the Windows Phone Store and you’ll see tons of unhappy users encountering bugs and errors when using the eBay app. A frustrated user took to Twitter to voice their concerns to eBay. They received a response and the news is good for the eBay faithful. There’s an updated app for Windows Phone that is expected sometime in March.

eBay Twitter

We’ve reached out to eBay to see if we can get an early look at the update. Are you guys and gals wanting just an update to address the bugs/errors or a new app built from the ground up? Sound off below.

Source: Twitter

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Sam Sabri
  • Finally - Thank You
  • The is the worst app. It's almost unusable. I always use the website instead.
  • That is what happens when companies do bring their apps to windows phone. We finally get an app but it lacks a lot of features when compared to iOS/Android version.
  • Why do you say it's almost unusable? I've listed items, added photos. I've bought items. I've pinned items I'm watching to my start screen. I've left feedback. I wasn't able to edit an item I'd listed but I wasn't grumpy as I thought compared to many apps it seemed pretty well featured and straight forward to use. Curious to know what issues you've had?  
  • What if you are in a country not in the list when you first start the app? Think about it. Ans: it is pain in the ***.
  • Pageonce is straight garbage too. They need to at least update to their new name
  • I'm alright. Think I'll wait for 6bay
  • There wont be as there is an official app already on the platform.
  • exactly, the official eBay WP app is crap...i would rather use IE to access it
  • Looks like things are lining up for 8.1
  • That is really true, i have not thought about it that way before. Microsoft might have a hand in this.
  • Or maybe consumers have a hand in this.
  • Or maybe both?
  • FINALLY! I tried it once and deleted it right away... good to see that they are considering WP worth the time :)
  • But, I really don't see what all the excitement is about.. EBay hasn't said the it's gonna be a huge update... It could be very minor...
  • March is a good ways out for a small update. Well after using Rudy's apps its a long ways out :)
  • About time.
  • Finally
  • Super
  • I think the current app is fine... I use it with no trouble at all.. So, if ya'll are talking about a update to make it even better, well,,,, well, I'll be... Just peaches.
  • I agree, I use it to bid and list items. Never had any issues with it to be honest. I am not familiar with the ios or android versions so I don't know if we're missing anything.
  • Third me here you two! 100% agreement with your POVs. I think the best feature in this app so far has been the imbedding of PayPal so you can purchase while still in the app! That was all I wanted. It's still a solid app, but if the app is being revamped, I want to see it before I pass judgment. If there was one app that got it right the first time since its debut on WP, I have to say that award goes to Newegg!
  • Oh, I forgot about Newegg.. Thanks for reminding me.
  • Newegg just had a great update too.
  • Yes Newegg is awesome!!
  • I agree with you for the most part. I have issues paying with PayPal and it will crash if I try to do a purchase through the app. Also it doesn't have the predictive/autocorrect keyboard. But for everything else it works fine. Could use some refinements thought.
  • No auto correct when writing a message to the seller or buyer is enough to delete this app lol. Glad the update is coming!
  • How about you just write English correctly without needing a spell check is it that hard?
  • Yes it is with this stupid onscreen keyboard with no auto correct. You mad?
  • I had issues that prevented me from listing an item, so I ended up just using my laptop. It's also just very...lackluster in general. Most things work but feel like more of a rough mockup of what it should be like, before they add the fine tuning and polishing.
  • I agree, I've used it many times to buy things. No problem. It's certainly not the most elegant app, but it's sufficient. Although tk be honest, eBay's website is pretty bad, so I don't expect much from them.
  • Agree. No problems w/ current app
  • Worked well enough for me when I used it to list an item for sale. Still, any improvement is welcome.
  • Good news!
  • About time too.
  • Glad to see an update, but I never get a problem with this app
  • While the app is fine for me my biggest gripe for the app is not having the ability to have a tracking option. On iOS and Android, the eBay app as the "Track your Package" option that I wish the Windows Phone version had.
  • That would be a very nice option. Since it lacked that feature I use Package Tracker which has everything I need to track any package that I sell/buy and has an awesome live tile as well as sync across devices.
  • Totally agree with you about Package Tracker. I love that app, mostly because I can add packages to track on my desktop and it instantly syncs the push feed to my phone. Really wish the eBay app was half as good as Package Tracker!
  • I don't know if it needs to be completely rebuilt, the app just needs more detailed information and options.
    I've been using the app for the past few weeks, after selling on eBay for the first time, and I am constantly switching from the app to the website - particularly for shipping info.
  • I've mainly used the app to check on the countdown of items I was watching and bid updates. What features have we been missing?
  • Good to see update...bit off topic...is there any news of clash of clans and hayday to Windows phone...??
  • About time! Hope it brings us to par with iOS/Android.
  • Much needed. I use their mobile app whenever I can.
  • Bout time
  • I think the app is missing tracking ability, other than that it works great.
  • Wait for many apps to be updated to take advantage of some new WP8.1 features. I guess many key developers already has access to it.
    I desperately need a Foursquare update!!
  • I use mine all the day but it doesn't let me post, so it would be nice to see this bug fixed
  • Its not a terrible app. Just needs to be "polished." Could say the same for many WP apps. So close it feels.
  • Needs a good overhaul. Full description is just web based and rough scrolling, shipping info, and is it possible to integrate keyboard word prediction?
  • Totally agree with your points! As I'm not a developer (of mobile apps) I don't know if these features would require a complete overhaul but they are my largest gripes too.
  • I use eBay app all the time. The design and functionality has a lot of room for improvement! Agree with others full overhull is needed. The app looks very basic....
  • I just use the app for messaging, and even that doesn't have basic auto correct on it. If they can fix that I'd be happy and and anything else would be a bonus
  • Just give me my tracking info without having to go to the website, please.
  • Love eBay app and amazon
  • 8.1???
  • The app needs constant improvement and refinement, not once a year update. What irks me most is how much more functional and polished iPhone ebay app is.
  • Oh thank god
  • eBay is the last place I would shop, I am more than satisfied with Flipkart.
  • I might be far fetching here but it's a strong possibility that a lot of top level app developers already have access to a pre-release Windows Phone 8.1 SDK and are working with both Microsoft and Nokia to develop or improve their current application and the SDK itself for the debut at BUILD 2014. You have to take into consideration what Belfiore said a few days ago that 2013 was focused on bringing major applications to the platform and this year is about improving/refining them. Also, Microsoft has been in a "shut up and ship" mode for Windows Phone 8.1, hence hardly any leaks or confirmed, offical information. Microsoft knows that this Windows Phone 8.1 update is going to be the "make it or break it" deal with developers. If developers are happy, which in turn means consumers are happy. More developers + more apps = more consumers switching to Windows Phone. I prefer the "shut up and ship" mode because it let's the WP team and external developers focus on bashing as many bugs as possible with WP 8.1 and improve their applications in terms of design, speed and reliability.
  • Not to sound a pessimist but I won't have my hopes high. I rather be surprised than disappointed.
  • I defiantely hope they either add more functionality to keep it on par with the iOS version. Right now if you're a seller you are better off using the mobile site...
  • Hooray.. Hope they build a new app ground up, still using my Android!!! Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • I too use the current app without issue. It does the job, could be improved but its ok.
  • How much memory do i need to install gta sa? Sorry for off topic question.
  • A few MB's to download the installer and then a further 2.5 GB's on top of that. It says in the store description.
  • Are you sure, because when i have for example 1,5 gb free, I cant update asphalt 8...
  • Current one seems fine to me.  I win so many auctions by doing last minute bids with this app.  I couldn't have done that using the slower website or when I'm away from my computer.
  • Oh at last!!!, i complained to ebay yonks ago about their lack luster app and lack of functionality compared to other o/s. They just half heartedly apologised at the time and said that was all that was on offer. Been told by strava that they basically couldn't give a fuck about windows phones and i should use a third party.
  • A compleatly new ebay app would be nice. The current one works but it's lacking in lots of areas and I feel like it's been designed by a 5 year old.
  • I never understood that HIDEOUS green with the sections at the start... Like what???
  • I've used it many times and had little problems but any addition to make the experience even better is a welcome.
  • Finally. Wouldn't mind seeing some love from imdb next.
  • I second that. It's about time they start considering WP as its the 3rd largest smart phone platform.
  • Here here! I would love an IMDB app that is actually worth having on my phone, let alone on my start screen (which is what I would do, for sure) .
  • Took their time... It's not the worst app I've ever used, but it does need a considerable makeover. Slow, buggy and a general boring UI. A new eBay app worked from the ground up would be quality, but I highly doubt this will happen.
  • I use it from time to time. Don't have any problems monitoring the stuff I am bidding on or selling. I have not tried to list anything from my phone yet. I usually do it from the PC.
  • I think the app is just the way it is, but a nice makeover won't hurt
  • It sucks the way it is
  • this is one ugly app to me.  This needs to be more on par with the android version.  otherwise its just, meh
  • Finally
  • Woohooo!
  • Could you guys please find out about the imdb app please? I've tried my best with no luck!
  • In the past month I've probably spent a little over $1,000 via the existing eBay for Windows Phone app. Without the app, I probably would have only spent about $200. However, its not like the app is really good. The app will tell me when something has shipped with a little icon but I can't find a way to track the package without having to go to their website; which thankfully is fairly easy to do (as far as tracking packages go). Currently I find myself spend considerably more on Amazon even though the same products are usually available on eBay. New features in the app would certainly give eBay a better chance of winning my business instead of bypassing them as I frequently do today.
  • As far as bidding on items and being able to do it from anywhere: yeah, I can mostly agree with you there. It would sure be nice if I could save a default sort order though! The [lack of]tracking packages really irritates me given that I've already spent money with them on an item and just want to know when to expect it. Oh, the part I don't like on the buying experience is the product descriptions. So sellers have a very large HTML section in their description that I find difficult to read via the app; which forces me to open up their website. This usually takes a while to find the item again, I get distracted by something else and end up not ever placing a bid.
  • It's worked just fine for me I've been able to do everything I need, it is intuitive to navigate at first? It is awesome? Well nope Could it be improved?
    Yeah, WP deserves the best and no less.
  • please like my page :- http://fb.com/wploverchoice/. Ebay is so lazy
  • The current ebay app is terrible so I'm really glad they're updating it.
  • The eBay app on WP sucks donkey balls compared to the one on Android so much so that the website seems much inviting Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Wow, so soon!
  • There is a few seconds delay (about 10 to 15) on all ebay apps I've used. Everytime i won the bid through the apps and i check the website, I've been beat at the last few seconds... Bloody annoying lol.
  • Very confusing just to start out. That's saying alot with just a little!
  • The app crashes on me when making payments. The app not only needs package tracker, but the ability to view similar items that you are watching, and view relisted items if the auction ended and the seller relisted the item in a new auction. The also only allow for the the viewing of up to 25 saved searches. If you have more than 25 you can't view then 26+.
  • I have no problem with the app, i much prefer the layout compared to the android version
  • Waiting on 6bay.
  • I can not wait!! Come on March! I hope I'm not disappointed!
  • Where's it at?
  • The eBay app is complete crap and not usable anymore.