Updated eBay app for Windows Phone coming in March

Have you used eBay on Windows Phone recently? If so you probably walked away a little dissatisfied with the experience. Head to the Windows Phone Store and you’ll see it sitting there with an average review of three and a half stars, but a lot of dissatisfied users. It’s not a terrible app per se, it’s just lacking a lot of features and functionality that you’d want in an eBay app. This is especially apparent when compared to the app offering on iOS and Android. No worries though, since eBay is getting an update ready for you.

Read reviews in the Windows Phone Store and you’ll see tons of unhappy users encountering bugs and errors when using the eBay app. A frustrated user took to Twitter to voice their concerns to eBay. They received a response and the news is good for the eBay faithful. There’s an updated app for Windows Phone that is expected sometime in March.

eBay Twitter

We’ve reached out to eBay to see if we can get an early look at the update. Are you guys and gals wanting just an update to address the bugs/errors or a new app built from the ground up? Sound off below.

Source: Twitter

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