Updated: Microsoft bringing Tegra phone to MWC?

We're already expecting a Windows Mobile 6.5 announcement at Mobile World Congress in a few weeks, but what if Microsoft has something bigger up its sleeve?

Gigaom is speculating that a Tegra-based, Microsoft-branded phone may well be unveiled in Barcelona.

A few days months ago, Stacey reported on the rumors that Microsoft-branded smartphone based on Nvidia’s Tegra chipset. It seems those rumors might be true. Doug Freedman, chip analyst with research firm Broadpoint AmTech, wrote in a note to his clients this morning:we have been able to identify NVDA’s second handset design win for the Tegra Applications Processor (our Jan. 12th note identified HTC). We believe that Tegra is also designed into an upcoming Microsoft smartphone (with a Qualcomm baseband solution). We believe that MSFT may announce one of the new phones at 3GSM.

Windows Mobile 6.5 and a Microsoft-branded phone at the same conference? That might be a bit much. But there's only one way to find out. Dieter, pack your bags.

(And thanks, Gigaom, for sharing that hilarious Zunephone video!)

Update: No way, no how, says ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley.

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  • The speculation on this one circulating the interwebs is really irritating. The quote just doesn't seem to indicate that it's a microsoft branded phone, just that it's being used in "an upcoming Microsoft smartphone." Based on the shorthand that he's using, that could easily just mean an upcoming HTC or Motorola device, running Windows Mobile. Maybe I'm just being crotchety, but the quote seems be be getting blown way out of proportion.
  • What's up with the stupid video?
  • Tegra phone(s) are coming to the MWC this. No question about that. It just WON'T BE MICROSOFT BRANDED. It will run Windows CE of course, coz that's what it was built for. It will rock, graphically. But won't be as functional as the Palm Pre. Still, till the Pre shows any sign of its OpenGL ES 2.0 support, I'll be holding out for a Tegra phone.
  • So instead of using one of the hundreds of impressive Tegra videos, you are showing this CRAP as this story's video????????