USAA Bank among the first to take advantage of biometrics in Edge on Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Announced at Build 2016, Brian Roper demonstrated how website owners will be able to tap Windows Hello — Microsoft's retina and fingerprint biometric authentication system — to allow customers to access secure services.

The USAA Bank serves US military veterans and their families with competitive rates on insurance and other financial services. Using Microsoft Edge, USAA Banking customers will be able to log in using either fingerprints (such as certain versions of the Surface Pro 4 type cover) or retinal scans, seen on supporting laptops and the Lumia 950 series phones.

Microsoft are in the process of announcing an avalanche of updates and features to Windows 10 at their annual Build conference. For all the latest and greatest, keep your eyes affixed to our comprehensive topic page — Build 2016.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • How does this work again? They won't have the biometric data correct?
  • Yeah how does this work? Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
    on My surface phone
  • Nope. "confirmation" happens on your phone and it just signals them that you "passed" Posted from WC 920, 1520, 920, 635, 640 or 950XL
  • Way to go USAA! Greatest bank.
  • God, I absolutely love USAA. I have never over had a problem with them and they have always taken good care of my family and I. So glad to see this news
  • Only problem was a while back when they pulled the app for WP8, but glad they came back and and excited to see them embracing the Win 10 platform. I love banking there!
  • We dont need this. Dont be so happy about it we got to this point in our existence without it nothing has been done to make human life better all the has happen is more power to the ones who will never help. Looks like the mark of the beast is right around the corner and then you wont be smiling about this useless thing.
  • So, when is this supposed to happen? Because it sure as **** hasn't.