Cortana is built in to the Xbox One, allowing you to use voice commands to control your TV among other things. However, with Kinect effectively dead, you'll need to use some other type of microphone. Thankfully, you can use literally any 3.5mm microphone plugged into an Xbox One controller to get this kind of functionality, here's how.

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How to set up Cortana with a 3.5mm mic

  1. First, it's simply a case of plugging in the mini microphone (or any 3.5mm microphone) into your Xbox One controller.

  2. Once connected, the "no microphone" symbol should turn into a "headset" symbol at the top of your Xbox One dashboard.

  3. Once your mic is connected, press the Xbox button on your controller to open the Guide.
  4. Navigate right to the Settings menu.

  5. In the Settings menu, navigate to Kinect & Devices, and then Digital Assistants.

  6. In this menu, make sure the Enable digital assistants is checked on.

  7. Press B to go back to the Settings top menu.
  8. Navigate up to System and select Cortana settings, to configure your preferences.
  9. Now, saying "Hey Cortana," followed by your command, should allow you access to her features. Try saying "Hey Cortana, go home" to return to the dashboard.

Cortana should now work for any of her usual internet-based commands, as well as her Xbox-specific ones. Do note however that if you have a Harman Kardon Invoke or Amazon Echo speaker, Xbox commands will default out to those devices instead of your mic attachment by default.

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While an Amazon Echo or Harman Kardon Invoke is probably more versatile, you can get full Cortana integration on your Xbox controller with this cheap and cheerful add-on.

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The Xbox One controller comes with every console, but if you're rocking an older model without a 3.5mm jack, you'll need one of the newer models to enable this functionality.

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