USPTO grants Microsoft design patent for HoloLens

While we still don't have a release date for Microsoft's HoloLens augmented reality headset, we are slowly inching closer to availability as the year wears on. As expected, Microsoft is also tidying things up, with the latest bit of news seeing the company granted a design patent for the headset.

As spotted by Patently Mobile, the U.S. Patent and Trademark office has now granted Microsoft a design patent for a "headset with Visor." While the design patent doesn't reveal anything about the headset that we don't already know, it does provide a decent all-around look at the basic design features.

In early August, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that HoloLens will arrive "within the next year," coming first to developers and enterprise users. Nadella also noted that Microsoft is looking at HoloLens as a "five-year journey," and it will continue to evolve over that time.

We've already received a few looks at HoloLens at Microsoft events, and while the company's October 6 event is expected to focus mostly on new Lumia devices and a new Surface Pro tablet, we may get yet another peek at HoloLens.

Source: Patently Mobile

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • I'll get one when they come out
  • +me
  • Same here
  • Wait till u hear the price.
  • They didn't have a patent until now?
  • It takes several months to years for a patent to be awarded once you file for it.
  • All your personal space, excluding periphery, are belong to us.
  • Our walls will be all white. And will be powered by HoloLens with decorations and tasks for the day
  • And going to college can be done from your bed! =O
  • That's the type of app that should really be made for Hololens.. wow.
  • It would be awesome to see Khan Academy and the online home schools adopt this as a way to bring children into a virtual environment where they can interact with each other rather than a chromebook or some such nonsense :)
  • With hololens it would be great for interior designers
  • It's such an awesome device. I'd love to try it. For me, it will be the ultimate Neflix while walking around experience.
  • Plus cooking with Netflix in front of you! That'd be so amazing. And eating dinner with Netflix, I'd never have to pause my show xD
  • Exactly. The Netflix possibilities are endless. Never take it off, never stop watching Netflix.
  • True Netflix and chill :-P 
  • ms should include an iMO addon accessory. =D
  • Lol that reminds me of the movie Wall-E
  • Star Trek:TNG had an episode about a similar situation.
    Gene Roddenberry was a genius.
  • Pokémon go ♡.♡
  • Google is probably saying "Shoot. Now we can't copy that thing like a Chinese manifacturer"
  • Hololens means Technology!
  • "As the year WEARS on" good one!
  • ;)
  • Five-year journey is the new coming soon.
  • I'm sure that HoloLens will be responsible for many patents, they just take time to get approved. Design patents are probably the easiest to get approved, just has to be a unique looking device for the function it provides. I'm sure many utility patents will follow.
  • I would actually love it if they gave a firmer time frame on this things release.  Some of us might need to do some financial planning in order to get one.  I am a little bit scared about the price because they said it will be geared for professionals first.  I think that's what they said about the Surface Table they had a few years back and that thing was like 10 grand when it came out.  I am hoping this isn't a 3 or 4 grand device that has a 2 hour battery life....