A vending machine with a 40-inch Windows 10 touchscreen is part of Microsoft's shopping demos

Windows 10 may be installed on over 200 million devices at the moment, but Microsoft certainly wants that number to keep growing. That includes devices other than PCs or smartphones. At the annual convention and expo for the National Retail Federation this week in New York City, Microsoft is showing off some of those more unique Windows 10 devices made for retailers. One of them involves a vending machine with a 40-inch Windows 10 touchscreen.

The vending machine is made by Mondelēz International and is a lot different than the typical mechanical products that most people are familiar with:

"Mondelez has built an innovative digital vending machine unlike you've ever seen before. Leveraging Windows 10, the 40-inch touch screen display allows consumers to interact with products in 3-D, see nutritional and ingredient information, add products to their cart and make a purchase using a variety of payment options. Interactive advertising alerts consumers about promotions and games nearby where they can win free samples. Using a Diji-touch machine – powered by Windows 10, Kinect and Azure IoT – allows operators to engage with consumers by tailoring the available product mix based on collected demographics and purchasing preference data."

Mondelēz plans to put up to 5,000 of these Windows 10-based vending machines in place in the U.S. in the next four to five years. It's also developed a universal Windows 10 app that can be used by its owners to help maintain and support those machines.

Windows 10 Point of Sale

Microsoft is also showing off a demo of a new point of sale (POS) solution concept at the expo that uses a number of Windows 10 features, such as Continuum and Windows Hello:

"While the concept of a mobile workstation is not new, what's different about the Windows 10 mobile workstation is it offers a more secure and automatic log-in with Windows Hello, unlocking the Windows device by recognizing the retail associate's face. Throughout the day retail associates can seamlessly transition from a mobile touch-tablet mode, to a traditional desktop mode, and even project to a larger display with Continuum, which adjusts your experience to match the activity, device and display. For instance, let's say the associate wanted to show off a new living room set that is not in the store. It's really difficult to show that on 5" screen. The Windows 10 device can "dock" seamlessly to a larger screen so the customer can see it in greater detail."

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham
  • Can they put windows 10 on toasters? Remeber the Palm days? Lol
  • I worked with those in the past http://www.fsck.it/html/geek/haiku/image/o2.jpeg
  • Hey Cortana! Toast my bread! ^^
  • Let's put Windows 10 in a Toilet! Hey Cortana! Wash my toilet from ****! ^^
  • I see NFC payment. Can I pay with my Windows 10 Mobile?
  • That would be great also
  • Just ios and android for now ;)
  • Faaail
  • This is an obvious precursor to mobile payments.
  • Supposedly, it was going to be possible with Windows 10 Mobile, but the company that Microsoft was using to do it got bought by Google. At least, that's what I've heard.
  • That was with WP7. That extra encryption hardware is no longer needed. No more dependency on that technology and/or Google. So it will be rather easy now. And it will come with Windows 10 Mobile. Soontm
  • That was softcard. It was made possible more by the carriers than MS. I used it for a while and it worked ok. Then Google bought it and pulled the app.
  • Technically, W10M just need a more unified payment solution maybe like Microsoft Pay or something like that. I still wish that we have a truly universal electronic payment standard that is beyond crossplatform, not what we have today (Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.). We don't want these chaotic fragmented payment systems that are platform specific, we need payment systems that every user can use regardless what you use as long you use the standard payment system.
  • Would it actually be cheaper than classic vending machines?
  • I doubt it, but they are selling it saying you can get additional revenue from it beyond just vending, like advertising.
  • hahaha, not even a little bit
  • window 10 embedded
  • Hmmmm! While google is progressing and improving in/on having and showing users with nearest gas stations and price of water bottles at nearby stores or its availability as simple as that which makes life earier for user. MS Is busy coming up with thoughts on how cortana can help us locate water in mars when we get there on 'Select' windows phones.
  • Google uses just as many resources if not more on research projects.
  • Microsoft has been doing a lot with cortana on the enterprise side. As they ahev bought R Tool now they have started cortana analytics etc. Cortana is going to be big thing from analytics to business intelligence and also CRM.
  • Microsoft has been doing a lot with cortana on the enterprise side. As they ahev bought R Tool now they have started cortana analytics etc. Cortana is going to be big thing from analytics to business intelligence and also CRM.
  • Its a long long looonggg way to go more than implementation, in actually making businesses use it. Businesses even now are actually good with windows 7 enterprise
  • Very interesting. Can't see such a machine placed at my workplace but it's interesting nonetheless.
  • How about vending machine with bulletin board incorporated? Newest company announcements, safety bulletins, etc. Maybe not small companies, but medium and large global corporations.
  • So Microsoft has given up on phones and are now trying their luck with vending machines? Hmm..
  • Who says they've given up on phones? And Windows 10 being a full touch OS lends itself perfectly to the vending machine market....so why the hell not.
  • Microsoft has a singular focus on phones only and is definitely not large enough to have multiple departments with large groups of people working in them who are able to work on different products all at the same time. That would be crazy.
  • =D
  • Logic not found.
  • Yea it's like when google glass failed they finally had the opportunity to make android better!
  • Microsoft has nothing to do with these machines, actually. Aside from the fact that is the OS running on the drive
  • I know I used a similar-looking vending machine over three years ago. Touch screen, 3D product view, nutritional info, products going gray when they were out, credit card payment. Not sure why this is a big deal now, except for the "Windows 10"part.
  • First, what vending machine was that? Second, does that vending machine possess all the capabilities and potential capabilities this vending machine has? A vending machine with a display and a credit card payment slot does not equal to this machine.
  • Alot of vending touchscreen vending machines do exist, some even came from same company in this article. The biggest and obvious difference is that this machine has Kinect 1.0, I guess not alot of electronic vending machines have complex sensor hardware like this (hard to say, they don't normally mention these stuff). Another thing is it uses other Microsoft technologies too, which I think why we got this article here. ​But yeah other than those, this pretty much like standard touchscreen vending machine these days, though they're not that common yet in most coutries. I remember has this for a very long time, some have sensors that detect the presense of a person in front of it.  
  • Personally, I think Microsoft has the best chance at IoT primarily for their method of OS update distribution. Not only will ODMs have to push updates for their applications, they'd have to update the os for security vulnerabilities. In that Android is a lost cause and IOS just is too closed. Windows 10 will get updates for at least the next 10 years and on a private network you can dedicate specific machines to go get those updates so the internet isn't flooded with devicestrying to update. Microsoft is also the only company now who can keep tens of billions of devices updated. Its going to be interesting to see how many of these Windows 10 devices come online.
  • Good point
  • Looks just like the upcoming Panos Phone.
  • Cool huh? Look how portable it is. I can't wait to pull one of these out of my pocket.
  • Lol
  • Spin to win? I will!
  • If you are concerned with nutritional content then just walk away from the vending machine, no poin in looking. Seriously though... we already have this kind of interface at my local Wendy's to dispense soda.  Japan has had similar vending intrfaces for 10+ years now.  I am very confused as to how a well known platform like Windows is a better solution than a small very secure linux distro with a custom front end like we have currently.
  • It's not necessarily a better "solution" in fact it's not really a solution to anything. It's just another entrance for Microsoft into more markets, and it makes sense for Microsoft to get their universal Windows 10 platform to be truly, well, universal. It's possible that you'll get more support as Microsoft is a larger corporation, or easier distribution, etctera. There are likely both pros and cons for going with Microsoft's software, like any other software.
  • Windows in Coca-Cola Freestyle machines make sense because it's adding and combing custom flavors to drinks and reporting the results back to Coke HQ but is it really necessary for a simple vending machine to have a complex OS?
  • It's not that complex. I've seen these vending machines running XP in Boston.
  • Will the screen show when the product is dangling by the end of the screw awaiting a hip-check?
  • I wonder if it has bugs. FREE UNLI COKES anybody?
  • Oooh noooo, I think I'll get blue screen buying my oreos
  • The most un-Windows 10-y Windows 10 device.
  • What a POS is that?? W10!
  • Microsoft is having a blast from their past these days. Getting back to when they had Windows on ATMs and POS stations all over the place. Other companies have crept in on this in recent years, it will be cool to see if Microsoft can use the cool new tools like Continuum to take it back.
  • That POS terminal looks like some discarded design from 50's. Perhaps some old design patent they bought from Nokia in NDS deal.
  • I never thought I'd see a product my company manufacturers on WC. What a wild surprise
  • So when I kick the machine because my candy is stuck, willl the screen shatter?
  • You can get a free pack of gum from the machine. It's pretty slick.
  • Awesome!
  • Kind of cool but, I would hate to stick my money in and a blue-screen happens... :-\