Verizon Nokia Lumia 928 camera outed by ads: PureView, OIS, Carl Zeiss all along for the ride

Today brings yet another glimpse of the Nokia Lumia 928. Whether Nokia's deliberately putting up billboards and magazine ads or they've lost control of their ad agency isn't clear (we'd bet on the former), they've successfully managed to build up some buzz without saying anything official. Just today an ad for the Lumia 928 popped up in Vanity Fair, with a link to Nokia's website for the image above.

"Capture the highlights" the ad implores, and though the Nokia page doesn't say anything about the phone's name, the image's file name certainly includes the phrase "Lumia-928". While the Nokia page doesn't spill any deets, the fine folks over at Engadget got a look at the ad in Vanity Fair (not really our rag; we're more GQ and Vogue folks) and like the billboard from this weekend, it touts the Lumia 928's low-light prowess.

On board for the Lumia 928's camera are a lot of buzzwords we got from Nokia for its predecessor - the Lumia 920. The ad specifically calls out "PureView technology, Optical Image Stabilization, and high-end Carl Zeiss optics". Coupled with the already-leaked xenon flash unit, we expect the Lumia 928 will be a photo-taking powerhouse.

Additionally, the phone in this ad is deliberately angled and lit so as to show off what by our eyes appears to be an aluminum body shell. The Lumia 928 has long been reported to be the first Nokia Windows Phone that will come ensconced in a metal body instead of the colorful unibody polycarbonates we've loved from the start. We're sure we'll love this one just the same, even if it doesn't come in yellow. The Vanity Fair ad also includes Verizon branding that's not present on the Nokia web image, but that the Lumia 928 is coming to Verizon shouldn't surprise anybody by now.

Nokia Lumia 928 ad in Vanity Fair

Source: Nokia; Via: Engadget; Thanks to everybody that sent this in!

Derek Kessler

Derek Kessler is Special Projects Manager for Mobile Nations. He's been writing about tech since 2009, has far more phones than is considered humane, still carries a torch for Palm, and got a Tesla because it was the biggest gadget he could find. You can follow him on Twitter at @derekakessler.

  • Hopefully Nokia have tweaked the daylight performance to make it on par with current flagships. I don't think anyone here is gonig to dispute the fact that the 920 takes the best photos in low light (even better than the One). Where it falls short is in daylight shots where everything looks a little too soft an a tiiny bit washed out.
  • Derek... Kessler? I'll try not to read too much into this.
  • New guy?
  • To WPCentral, yes. To Mobile Nations, no. Long time WebOS Nation writer. Read plenty from him when I owned my FrankenPre.
    Welcome, Derek!
  • Yup.
  • Ohh welcome!
  • Why the hell not?
  • I thought only catwalk had a metallic body while the 928 was polycarbonate, guess that will be clarified soon :)
  • Catwalk is the 928...
  • Catwalk was being referred to as the T-Mobile version and 928 for Verizon
  • No it is not.
  • So what's the T-Mobile version then?
  • I replied to IN5TIGATOR, so your opinion is quite similar to mine...
  • Laser is the code name of Verizon's varient of the 920, and Catwalk is for T-mobile.
  • +1 based on
  • 928 is Laser.
  • Pity they don't mention the xenon flash. Even some Vanity Fair readers should appreciate it. :D
  • True.  Perhaps there will be additional print ads that highlight all of the camera features/technology...Hopefully. Or maybe, we will get the TV ad that shows all of the camera goodness :)
  • I dont know about it looking like the aluminum body to me it looks more like the white polycarbonate one from the previous picture leaks, I hope it has an aluminum body but i am not holding my breath
  • Agree - looks like white to me too
  • To me the photo seems to suggest improved daylight shots. What if highlights really has a photographic meaning here?
  • I agree! Either that person has really huge hands or that's the 720
  • The screen looks curved and the phone looks a lot smaller than the 920 compared to the hand (assuming it's an average-ish sized hand). 728?
    Also, welcome to wpcentral, you. :P
  • Thought 928 was polycarbonate not aluminum. Yeah, I know its already in a post above me, relax!
  • I hope the heat and battery issue is no longer available in this device
  • Yeah I hope for that as well, but most of the time it has been coz of the software, in my case on a Rogers 920 on T-Mobile w/ 1308
  • It is VZW. I have a feeling they are going to secretly release the phone and still not advertise it.
  • And what's the fun in doing that secretly?
  • Believe it or not, Verizon likes to make money, and selling these will help them with that goal. So I feel like they will push it pretty hard.
  • Believe it or not, Verizon has never advertised its winmo offerings even to a mediocre degree. 
  • What does this have to with Windows Mobile?
    Anyway, I've seen plenty of ads for the 822.
  • Yes, most of those ads were done by Nokia and Microsoft, not the carrier (Verizon). Your first post  implies that its in Verizon's best interest to advertise and leak info about this phone to create a hype. I'm just stating that it hasn't happened in the past and there is no reason to expect it to happen now. Of all the carriers, I'd say Verizon is the least enthusiastic about its Windows besed phones.
  • What ads were done by Nokia and Microsoft and not Verizon? I'd love to see some proof there.
    "Your first post  implies that its in Verizon's best interest to advertise and leak info about this phone to create a hype."
    I never implied that it is in Verizon's best interest to leak info, but it is in their best interest to advertise.
    Sprint is definitely the least enthusiastic about WP. T-Mobile doesn't seem to be better than Verizon, either.
  • Verizon flooded the airwaves with 822 and 8x ads. During football season I was seeing 3 per game!
  • During football season, what about the rest of the year??? They advertise the iphone and other all year round constantly. I hope they don't advertise it like they did the HTC Trophy : ( NOT AT ALL! EARTH TO ODEN09
  • Can you please direct me to the channels on telvision that advertise windows phone whether it WinMo, WP7,or WP8. I watch a lot of television and rarely see windows phone commercials period. All I see is iphone, Galaxy, BB Z10, and now even the HTC One more than any adverts for windows phone. ATT in Nokia's premier partner and they advertise the 920 or 820 on there network. I've already seen ATT's ad about the HTC One's speaker facing the right direction more than any wp device. So, please let me know what country you're in, because in can't be in America!
  • The 822 isn't a new device anymore so I wouldn't expect to see any ads for it now. I don't even watch much TV and I saw the 822 on the air multiple times back when it was newer. I also saw ads for the red one around Valentines... I don't know what channels exactly...maybe NBC or ABC.
  • MicroSD MicroSD MicroSD MicroSD.... Please? :P
  • Why? Its just more internal parts that can break inside the device. Internal memory is faster, more robust and the manufacturer knows exactly how the NAND will perform. MicroSD is dead, face it.
  • Why do you have a smartphone if you care about how many parts there are inside? Your argument makes no sense. MicroSD is nowhere near dead.
  • In the last 15 years I've never had anything break inside a mobile, so I don't see how it makes anything more or less robust. I travel fairly frequently and currently have to juggle the amount of apps, photos and music I can hold. MicroSD would allow me to store photos and music separately and instantly swap them out if I need to. SkyDrive isn't really viable when travelling to remote areas either without mobile reception or with high roaming fees. Sometimes WiFi isn't even available so I can only use what I have with me. Sure I could get the 8S or 820 but I want a top-end phone with it too.
    MicroSD is alive and well on Android and I doubt a mobile would sell without it. Bizarrely only iPhone and Windows Phone have gimped storage on their mobiles...
  • Yea, MicroSD, MicroSD, MicroSD PLEASE !!!!  MOST of the rumors point to no but, it would be really nice.
    And for the people who say we dont need one with 32gb on board, I like to carry 40gb of music and videos with me so I can watch and listen to what I want, when I want. Plus a ton of games (WP can not install apps to SD cards), so you need both if you want the best.
    And for a new high end phone, I would be dispointed if it didn't but, I have a feeling that I will be DISAPOINTED.
    I wont be buying it new if it does not have a MicroSD slot, I might wait a month or 2 and find a used one for 1/2 the price, then I will get one.  If it has a SD slot, I will buy it within the first week or 2...
  • +1 :)
  • I'm going to wait a little, I have a feeling at the end of the year Nokia will release something with a 1080p Screen and a more improved camera. I'll stick to my Lumia 800, it's been solid for amost 2 years. 
  • Of course Nokia is going to release another, more advanced device later this year!  That's the nature of the product cycle :)
    I bought a new Lumia 900 in November 2012, instead of the 920, with the intention of using it for about a year...I'll be right there with you on the purchase of the newest Nokia Lumia that they release it later this year.
  • Contract soon up for renewal!! Yes please!!
  • Great article Derek! Looking forward to many more , sir :)
  • I hate that Verizon logo on the front.  Gah!
  • It's not a Verizon phone, if it doesn't have that butt ugly 'V' logo across the front, you know, just in case you forgot which carrier you're tied to for the next two years.
    The only device that escaped that fate is the iPhone on their network.
  • Not exactly true...the 8X from VZW that i have (plus the other two my wife and daughter own...) have zero branding on the front.  :)  The 822 definitely has a big Verizon logo on the front, though...
  • One has Verizon and one doesn't...interesting.
  • Just release the device already. My contract ends this month. I will most likely buy this w/ Big Red's no contract device payment plan to prepare myself for the unexpected future devices on other carriers.
  • ^ +10 me too...
  • I'm a long time Android fanboy who is ready for a change. I'm really big on hardware quality/feel and quality camera. The HTC One is the only Android device that currently meets all my desires, but it's not on VZW. Plus, the minimalistic approach of WP8 is really appealing to me; I don't need a million apps. I just need the apps I use regularly, which WP8 has covered. I can't wait for this phone to drop.
  • Will stand up though
  • Hopefully these signs will be pointing to an actual release soon. Until then however keep the leaks coming.
  • While not officially released it is not really a leak either now that it is officially on nokia's website.

  • That is a really gorgeous looking phone, and that video shot looks pretty spiffy.
  • This is great news! My gf has been waiting for this for her upgrade, hopefully we hear an "official" announcment in the next few weeks. 
    On another note, welcome Derek Kessler!! Glad to have you here.
  • "On board for the Lumia 928's camera are a lot of buzzwords we got from Nokia for its predecessor - the Lumia 920. The ad specifically calls out "PureView technology, Optical Image Stabilization, and high-end Carl Zeiss optics". Coupled with the already-leaked xenon flash unit, we expect the Lumia 928 will be a photo-taking powerhouse." In other words nothing new, it's all in the 920.
  • well, not exactly since the xenon flash is new...and combine that with the new screen and the thinner profile and you have quite the incremental upgrade
  • ok, now that more stuff is out....When will it be announced ?  This mag ad looks like an offical Verizon ad (as the logo is in the corner) but, I chatted with a Verizon rep today. The are advertising the phone but, the reps wont give or refuse to give any info on it.
    To those who say SOON, my question is.....When will soon be now ?
  • Cant wait to see all the photo Comparisons when this phone is out!
    Happy to see the brave heart of webos writing for wpcentral should we expect him at the next podcast *crossfingers*
  • And more importantly, when IS the next podcast???
  • Maybe it's waterproof with the Nokia tech that is like Liquipel........  You can catch the high lights even at the beach and not have to worry about getting it wet.
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  • Is it a hint that the camera man is standing in water?  Water-proof perhaps?
  • Me needs this in Canada. 2 year term not 3 year. I'd prefer not Rogers alone.
  • If this device is polycarbonate, they've apparently flattened the sides like on the 822. Notice the bottom where the man's thumb is resting.....looks a bit flat to me, and like another commenter said, the glass look curved like on the 800. the specs say its thinner that the L920, but again where the phone rests on the mans hands, it looks pretty broad. this could be uni-body aluminum (we can dream can't we???). I dropped my L900 back in February and have been reduced to using my work L822 on vzw and while the 822 is a good device, it's no L900/L920. I've been holding out to before purhasing to see a device beyond the L920 and I'm having the, "BUTTERFLY EFFECT"......I DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH LONGER I CAN DO THIS.........PLEASE BRING ON THE NEW DEVICES.....PLEASE...PLEASE.....PLEASE
  • Welcome aboard, Derek!  I can see I'm going to like your writing style!
  • About time I get a non rumored image of the phone. Im going to Europe in seven weeks, it better come out before that!
  • It's not coming out before your trip.
    It's NEVER coming out.
    This is all a big hoax perpetrated on us all as a secret social media experiment. To what end, I can only guess...
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
  • Nooo! Guess im gonna have to buy the S4 instead :(
  • While the image is under the lumia 928 page on Nokia's website... There is no Verizon branding on the phone. Who knows which variant or what phone this really is.
    I realize that the image above has Verizon branding but if you go here.... it does not have any branding... I have a feeling Nokia is having some fun with us.