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Verizon Ozone Officially gets official Windows Mobile 6.5. Officially.

Sure we told you about the official build of for the Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade for the venerable HTC Ozone on Verizon (see review) leaked a few days ago, but what about an official release?

Looks like Big-V pulled the trigger and you can now get the upgrade directly from PCD, their 3rd party support channel thing-a-majg.

And yes, it's the exact same build number as the leaked, so if you did flash with the earlier version, no need to re-do it.  Need to see an over-view of the upgrade?  See our earlier coverage with some screen shots.

(And yes, we're having an official contest on how many times we can say officially.  Meow (opens in new tab)).

Upgrade here.

[Thanks, Al Zieba, for the tip!]

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  • Hmm nobody thought to check the Verizon Touch Pro2? Its MR1 link is up too... Is this old news, did I miss this? The readme:
    The upgrade performs the following improvements:
    1) OS Upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.5
    2) Updated drivers to support Global VZ Navigator.
    3) TouchFLO 3D Enhancements.