Verizon Q9M

Figures, the moment we make a "Nelson" joke the actual Nelson - AKA the CDMA version of the Motorola Q9 pops up over at The Boy Genius Report. Details look pretty good, as does the gallery. Big ups to Motorola for bringing back the scroll wheel.

On another note, this clears up the Motorola Q9 naming convention weirdness that confused us before. With the Motorola Q9h, the "h" is for HSDPA, as in: it'll work on GSM networks. I'm still hoping for that August release date The "M" in Verizon's version? ... Shoot, I have no idea. Maybe it stands for "Mighty tasty!"

Edit: Strike that last. Qusers grokked that the "m" is for "music edition." That makes sense. I still like "Might tasty" better myself. I can see the lolcat ad campaign now: the Motorola Q9M, Mighty tasty edition. It has a flavor.

Another Verizon customization was the home screen. It displays shortcuts for commonly used applications like the camera, messaging, web, music in a circular pattern on the screen. The icons in Windows Mobile are completely customized, and look for VCast music support on here as well.

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