So is it the Moto Q 9 or the Q9h?

So pocketnow has noticed that over at Motorola's new marketing site for the just-released (in Italy) Motorola Q 9 that it's called... the Q 9. Of course, we thought it was going to be called the Q 9h, but perhaps we are wrong. If we are, though, then so it this Motorola website.

Look, Moto, I know I've been hard on you recently and I know that you're trying to do better. Maybe you're just trying to mimic HTC here by having multiple, confusing, and arbitrary names for your devices. It was bad enough that you decided to call the GSM version of the Q the Q8, but this is just too much. Our tags page is a mess because of your naming schizophrenia. Bad Moto. No cookie for you.

WC Staff