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Verizon to sport the Nokia Lumia 820 Windows Phone as the '822'?

The shiny new Lumia 820, announced yesterday by Nokia

The Lumia 820, Nokia's mid-range Windows Phone 8 smartphone, was announced yesterday at the company's press conference in New York. We're still awaiting confirmation on which Windows Phone(s) carriers will be getting, but some light might have been shown on Verizon's plans for Microsoft's mobile platform.

A photo was sent into Engadget of a terminal showing the Verizon Device Management System. According to this listing, Verizon will be sporting a "Lumia 822" - possibly a carrier branded version of the announced handset (much like the HTC Arrive with Sprint). While it's not the Lumia 920 that many were hoping for, the Lumia 820 does pack a number of intuitive features and improvements over the previous generation of hardware.

The Lumia 822 is set to be available in both grey and white variants, and while no details have been made available regarding launch dates, we can safely assume we're not far off should these images be indeed accurate. 

Verizon Device Management System

The Lumia 822 could be on its way

To recap on what the Lumia 820 will offer Verizon customers:

  • 4.3" AMOLED display with ClearBlack Tech
  • SnapDragon S4 processor
  • 8MP rear camera with Carl Zeiss Optics
  • VGA front facing camera
  • 1650mah Battery
  • 8GB of storage
  • 1GB of RAM.
  • MicroSD expansion
  • Wireless Charging
  • 4G

Verizon has also revealed it plans to carry a number of Windows Phones, so if customers don't see the like of the Lumia 920 coming on-board (possibly due to AT&T exclusivity), we could well be in for a treat with the Samsung ATIV S and the rumoured upcoming Windows Phone version of the HTC One X Android device. The Nokia event may be over, but we're still yet to see HTC take the stage to unveil their next Windows Phone(s).

What are your thoughts on Verizon's possible plans for world domination Windows Phone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Update: For what it's worth, we've also heard a Samsung i110WP is also listed aka a low- to mid-range device. We'll try to get more info.

Source: Engadget; thanks to all who tipped us!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Guess we see what Samsung and HTC bring to Verizon!
  • All I want is more of a choice for cases. I'd like Otterbox to make WP cases. Maybe this will help them. I'll take the 820 I like the removable memory and hey it's a lot better then what the trophy has to offer now. Beggers can't be choosers. Who knows what the next batch of phones will consist of. Only time will tell. I'm still sticking with Verizon.
  • At the rate Nokia is going (see 16% DROP in stock price), there may not be a 920, 820 or 822 Nokia device for Verizon.  It may be just the Sammy ATIV and a few HTC devices with another device coming in 2013 from whoever aquires or cleans up the Nokia mess.  Remember that just 3 weeks ago, VZW told the WSJ that they were going to carry the Nokia Atlas.  Is the 822 the Atlas?  Here is what has been leaked about the Nokia Atlas:
  • Reading this post helped to change my blind rage into hopeful patience... hope it helps.
    Posted by Gregory C Newman
    Folks before you complain too much about the Verizon Nokia  Lumia  822 there has been a screen shot of the Yellow back of what I believe is the Nokia 822 already shown on web sites. please look at it's back camera orientation because it's in the same orientation as the Nokia Lumia 920 which has  a PureVeiw camera . Nokia announced that it would try to give each Carrier it's OWN Special model. Therefore I predict this Nokia 822 will have the Following specs which are Dual core CPU, 16GiG memory,  1 gig RAM. 4.3 screen. interchangeable color backs, NFC. Micro SD expansion slot,  8.7 megabit PureView tech camera., indictive recharge capability, and the full Special Nokia Apps suite...
  • No. AT&T will have the 920, no way they will allow Nokia to put PureView on Verizon's mid-level device.
  • Here's some scoop on what HTC will drop on us later this month:
  • Here's another explaination why Verizon is not "all in" with Windows Phones.  This McAdam guy is a classic Verizon clown.  Sammy can't even come up with competitive hardware without cheating...
  • Verizon, get the 920 in Red please
  • +1000 YES! I think Nokia should have struck exclusives with the 920 colours: black/white/grey/yellow for all + exclusive red to vz & exclusive cyan to at&t
  • +10,000 I want a white one...
  • I knew this would happen. I commented last night how I had a bad feeling we would get screwed with the 820 and it looks like that might be the case. I am writing Verizon a letter. This is unacceptable. I hope others will do the same to make Verizon understand how they are slapping their customers in the face...
  • If Verizon doesnt offer the 920 I am cutting my ties. I waited what seemed to be an eternity for my Trophy and Im tired of Verizon ignoring the potential in WP.
  • I agree, I've had my trophy on Verizon from day one and have been waiting patiently for a top-notch WP8 device; This is the one they choose : [  I stopped carrying my Trophy of work and just use my personal L900. If they don't get a highend WP8, I'm going to ask my job for a cell phone stypen and upgrade to the 920. Here is Southern Texas, ATT has very good coverage and I've been with them since before they were ATT....I beleive Cellular One
  • Nice...but i still want to see the 920 on T-mobile. I think im going to cry :'(
  • Amen...
  • You can still buy it unlocked. T-Mobile is rolling put HSPA+ on the 1900 Mhz band.
  • ill try it out in store but i really want a 920 bad so i might be making the switch
  • I'd rather have the 820 with removable storage than the 920 with no removable storage
  • Yeah, I like the 920, but add a 32gb card in your 820 & your already ahead of the 920.
  • I doubt most users will even get close to filling 32 GB up honestly. An SD card slot would have been great but 32 GB is more than plenty for most users.
  • Extra storage is great, but the camera and screen on the 920 makes me choose that instead.  To bad Tmobile might just be stuck with the 820 though.  I'm seriously starting to look at ATT more now.
  • Agreed.
  • Ditto.  The 920 had me in fits yesterday over the (apparently) cool photography features, I don't really want to have to settle.  Please get the 920, VZW!
  • if TMO doesn't get the 920 I'll prob be switching, along with my company offering deals with ATT.  I like the 820 but I would really like NFC and the camera. 
    I doubt TMO will get anything but the 820, and prob a mid-range offering from HTC, and do their normal "we sell 2 Windows phones and 26 Androids" thing. 
  • The 820 has NFC.
  • My current Trophy is almost dying due to a few (high) drops.  Sturdy as heck, but having problems with Zune connection recently.
    I will get the 820 off contract and see what the market has in April 2013 when my contract is up.  Hopefully the next Lumia flagship will have microSD so that it doesn't go to waste from the 820 and I don't need to reinstall all my music.  I can live without Pureview until the next generation.
  • I'm in the same boat. I would love to have the 920 but the 822 is perfectly fine because I need the SD slot. I'll buy the 822 at full price and use my upgrade in March to get a Lumia 900 PureView model with MicroSD whenever that comes to Verizon.
  • They'll assume its Wp8 and not realize customers are jumping ship because of new rate plan device selection.
  • 920 for me, my phone is for 33% picture taking, 30% web & videos, 19% texting,10% email,6% calls. 2% other. I want the 920 for its camera and screen resolution, rest is a bonus. (((YES , THAT ADDS UP TO 100%...))))
  • Can anyone confirm that the 820 has a BSI?
  • No.
    Expand the "Photography" section and look at the center column for the sensor description. On the 920, it reads "Sensor Type: BSI." It doesn't say that on the 820 :'(
  • Whoa 8/18/12???
  • Yeah. I saw that as well. Is it even remotely possible that's an actual launch date?
  • It was probably the date that it got added to the system.
    It is in the past so I'm pretty sure it isn't a release date.
  • Der. I'm an idiot. I was thinking today was 8/6/12... Thanks for the injection of sense... That would have been great if there was a surprise release in 12 days.
  • Please add me to the idiot list. I was thinking 10/18/12 :P
  • For me it's the Lumia 920 only. It has the best screen and best camera. 820 still has wireless charging but you'll have to get a new cover for that (optional).
  • Well if there is only this 822 from Nokia..good bye Verizon.
  • I might find out how to buy this ourright, if this is my only option... I dont and wont accept a mid-line phone for my next phone. The 920 is almost the perfect phone, WHY DID THEY NOT INCLUDE A MCIROSD SLOT ??? Then it would of been perfect.
    HTC is on the 19th, I guess we wait to see what Verizon is going to carry.
    Ugh,  more waiting
  • I'm with you on the MicroSD slot.That missing feature is so frustratingly absent. It may not be what everyone wants or needs, with the 32gb model I may not need it, but as the premier phone in their line up, it's absence is a bit confusing and frustrating.
  • And add a slide out keyboard, then perfect (oh yea, and offer cyan plz)
  • Do you think that between the 32gb present and additional space through SkyDrive and 3rd party apps there would be enough space? Maybe that was their logic. Maybe Nokia will even come up with some exclusive Nokia dropbox type app.
  • All that is most likely true for most users, but as the flagship device, it shouldn't be missing easy to add features that the storage hungry "power users" crave. Without it, and with lower-end devices having it, it seems a deflating and lessens the validity of the 920 being THE wp8. Such a lame miss. :/
    I'm still probably getting the 920 for me, my wife, and my daughter, and I doubt I'll need more than the cloud and the onboard 32gb but still, kinda lame
  • Maybe overseas in GSM only world but, here in the US most carriers (incliuding Verizon and AT&T, the big 2 who would want the 920) limit your data, with a new contract your looking at 2gb a month or 4gb if you want to pay more.
    That makes Skydrive for Music or videos almost pointless, if you want to browse the web and check email all the time on your phone. 32gb is respectable, no question but, on a high end flagship device TODAY, I would expect more. 64 or 128gb would be what I would want in a modern smartphone today. With the added support of MicroSD cards for Windows Phone 8 devices, there should be NO reason why we could not achieve 64gb or more on a device.
    With the data limits with carriers these days, the "cloud" is kind of almost worthless accept for documents and some minor videos.
    I still have unlimited data with Verizon but, for how long ??????
  • What do you guys mean by "branded?"
    Any phone is "branded" by the carrier.  Thats just part of the system now.
    The 822 is probably just the CDMA variant.
  • That is true with the exception of the iPhone. I suppose tech-bloggers are just used to the phrase "carrier-branded" but it's a bit redundant at least here in the US.
  • Don't OEMs still produce international, unbranded phones? The ones that cover multiple bands and are free of carrier insignia and software?
  • Well that's the majority of phones sold in this planet. It's pretty much North America and UK where most phones sold are carrier branded and exclusive to certain carrier. 
  • and 99% of them are GSM based (TMOUS and AT&T), Not Verizon's CDMA/LTE network..
  • I won't buy it just based on battery size. Too small.
  • I have to agree.
  • Verizon, I do like the 820 but prefer AT&T Coverage..
    We do have options, buy off contract and USE MVNO ..
    Net10/StraightTalk do offer Verizon & Sprint CDMA Sim Cards for BYOD Program.
    Hopefully AT&T picks up 820 has well.. 
  • There is no such thing as CDMA sim.
  • then IEMI instead, I stand corrected..
  • Give me the 920 or give me death, LOL!
  • Start sending emails to Marni Walden asking nicely to carry the 920 :)
  • Nice.  I"m working the gurellia method.  Daily twitter beg
  • I asked... crossing fingers on this one... Maybe they can push Nokia to add a MicroSD card slot...Now wouldn't that be awsome ?
  • Yes!!!! That means AT&T will be getting the 920! Can't wait!!!!!! Sorry VZ bros, but AT&T is the way to go.
  • I dont't think there was any doubt that the 920 was coming to AT&T.
  • Do no want
  • VZW not putting much effort in getting the top end device to push. They could have a new line of Nokia phones and keep the Lumia line to tmo and att. The Verizon Nokia Pure. All high end. Just a thought.
  • My thoughts are that they better carry the 920.  Ugh. Seriously, why?
  • Verzon still sux
  • So glad Verizon is on board with Windows Phone.  I hope they really market the heck out  them.  It's an exciting time.  I'm going all Windows for a while; phone and tablet, whenever they are available.  Getting bored with the other platforms.
    And for those jumping off the VZW ship.  I'd rather have an 820 on a good network, then a 920 on a spotty network.
  • While I agree with you being glad VZW is on board with WP8, I'm not holding out hoping they advertise the heck out of windows phone. They didn't even promote sale of the Trophy in the store and didn't even have one located in plain view. I don't really see it being any different this time around either. As for the statement of spotty coverage, I assume you talking about ATT? My personal L900 is on ATT in Texas and my coverage has been great since before ATT even owned Cellular One (ATT bought them years ago). No complaints here, I even compared network speeds between my VZW trophy and ATT L900 and ATT beat them the majority of the time.
  • Just pointing out the L900 has 4G and the Trophy (which I own) is only 3G capable so any network tests wouldn't really be fair...
  • Crappy. Verizon and sprint is really all we have in my area. T-mobile is horrible, and AT&T is not much better. I want the phone with the best camera, and so far that is Nokia 920. If Verizon wants me to switch to them they will have to show up with the lumia 920
  • U know AT&T & WINDOWS PHONE/NOKIA IS LIKE JORDAN & NIKE . Nike gave Jordan a chance and betted high on him when he was just starting and no one wanted to make the custom apparel he wanted so Nike let him do so and now look at him and Nike shoes ;) Verizon u let every Windows Phan down and At&t was there for us even put millions in for us to support windows & Nokia so I back the one that cares AT&T!!
  • I'm with you on that, and great comparison
  • Oh and AT&T the official sponsor for the DALLAS COWBOYS AMERICAS TEAM ...were u at Verizon Who??? LMAO
  • It would really suck if we all jumped on the 822 wth VZW just to have a new WP, then have them add the 922 in a few months. Kinda like the poor saps with ATT who just bougt a 900.
  • I might try to buy one out of contract...If it's my only option but, HTC has not shown anything YET.
    So you never know, HTC has to really compete with the 920 and after the Titan 2 to compete with the 900 (by all specs, the Titan 2 was a far better phone than the 900), I wont be shocked if they blow us away with a new model that no one knows about yet.
    Come on HTC, your my only hope !!!
  • At least with Lumia 820 you'll get the Nokia experience (i.e. exclusive apps).
  • They have nothing that I can't get with a Marketplace changer from XDA. Anyone with a unlocked phone can do the same. You can even buy exclusive apps from Nokia from a HTC device, I have done it.
  • Could it be that AT&T said "look we liked the 900 and we continue supporting you guys but in return we want X months exclusivity on the 920"?
    Anyhoo, great to see at least the 820 coming to Verizon!
  • Why wouldn't they say that if it were the case? They already do it with Apps on Nokia devices; it wouldn't be top secret information.
  • You mean Nokia? Well they haven't said anything about availability. If there is exclusivity agreements I am sure they will tell about them in due time.
  • It's been announced Sprint will be getting the Nokia 920. just kidding hahaha. :-D but won't that be nice
  • I really want to get my mom one on VZW and the 820 would be perfect.  She has Android (RAZR i think...) right now and is frustrated as hell with it since it updated to ICS.  I've toyed around with it and it's just meh.  So, hopefully another WP customer in a couple of months. :)
  • Yeah 920 (or variant of) or nothing.  I'm done with 480x800 and especially on a 4.3" screen.  I want the PureView tech, and everything else the 920 has built-in.  Verizon, stop being lame.
  • Of course Verizon picks the Lumia 820. Don't want to give customers the very best Windows Phone because then they might start to think that WP8 is actually good! And that would cut into their Droid sales...
  • Well Verizon IS riding Google's **** and Google bought Motorola Mobility so we know what Verizon's priorities are.
  • The 820 or 822 whatever Verizon wants to call it.  I guess it will be a great phone, but after Nokia showed two great phones...The 820 and the 920, Verizon will decide to pick the 822..That is not acceptable to me after I have been sporting my Trophy with no support from Verizon for years and now I want something much up to date.  SInce I decided already that my next phone will be a Nokia, I want everything there is to offer, so I want the best there is and that seem to be the 920 as we stand right now. So come May 2013 and there is no Nokia 920 or better at Verizon.  I am out and welcome AT&T. Verizon, you have great service, but you need to invest in your customers and not everyone wants a Google or Iphone.  My next phone will be the best Nokia has with Windows 8.
  • No support from VZW? How so? I've had my Trophy for a little over a year and my experience has been great so far.
  • And they have had faster updates that AT&T and TMOUS
  • Remember that Verizon spoke at the Motorola\Google RAZR presentation yesterday. That's where their heart is. A Nokia selection of phones at Verizon barely made the press in passing. There is a lack of commitment that they said they were going to present for Windows Phone. You know like how they said they put Droid on the map. So put up or shut up Verizon.
  • looks like a good phone, but no. I know plenty of ppl who will be satisfied with the 820 but I want a high end wp. If they don't get a high end wp they won't see the results they want either
  • So predictable.
    So disappointing.
    Verizon Wireless.
  • Dam. I'm on Verizon. I was all set to dive head first into WP8. I will not settle for the 820. It's the 920 or nothing for me.
  • Just received an email from MS about the new phones coming soon. Both the 820 & 920 have support for GSM, LTE, WCDMA. So there is a chance Verizon night get the 920. ^_^
  • I just want to note that WCDMA is actually what AT&T uses.
  • WCDMA is the japan standard....It's not compatable with Verizon's network...
  • At&t exclusive my a**! Tmobile better get up and do something to get the Lumia 920 or else I will be very disappointed and yesterdays announcement was just a waste of time. Im starting to get pissed with at&t getting everything.
  • I'm betting that the 920 will be an AT&T exclusive as a thanks for supporting and pushing Windows Phone when few others would.  Verizon will probably get it, or its successor, at some point but probably not at launch.
    I made this guess yesterday before this came out but the evidence seems to support it.
  • As an AT&T user, that certainly works for me.  Heh.  But I do hope it will eventually make its way to other carriers just so we can get more WP8 hype out there.
  • I'm with VZW. I have a Trophy. Even if this is the ONLY WP we get, I'm MORE than happy. I much more prefer a "mid-range" (in todays tech terms) device on a great network, than a high-end, "gnarly", "cool" device on a sub-par network. I'm more than sure that if WP8 sells like crazy, then VZW will hop on board with more options.
  • +1 WP8 has to SELL or Verizon will be back to Android in a big way. Even AT&T will be pushing Android if the 920 doesn't sell quickly and in big quantities.
  • This is a bummer. I've been sporting my Trophy with pride but I will admit to having Lumia 900 envy lol. While I am happy we are getting a Nokia device I was really looking forward to PureView. At least the interchangeable back plates is a fair trade off...right?...?
  • You do get a MicroSD slot that you DONT get on the 920....So there's another perk...
    HTC still has to show off their phones on the 19th...
  • I like the 820 a lot, but that screen resolution is a deal breaker. If the 822 is the same and the 920 doesn't make it to Verizon then I won't be getting a Nokia. Hopefully Samsung kr HTC will step up with one of their high ends. I'd be perfectly happy with the Ativ S.
  • Yeh, I rather watch movies at home in the big screen (blu ray) rather than mobile in a little screen and only stereo vs. True HD 5.1/7.1
    but that is just me, music also on MP3 players does not sound that good vs. full blown sound systems.
    So its still the 920 for me then.
  • The 45day exclusivity to At&t have anything to do with why no 920 to Verizon?