Verizon Wireless set to carry multiple Windows Phones?

For those on the Verizon Network hoping to have more selection with your Windows Phone beyond the HTC Trophy may not have long to wait. Verizon's Chief Marketing Officer, Tami Erwin, is letting everyone know that Verizon will be carrying multiple Windows Phone devices later this year.

While Erwin would elaborate on which Windows Phones Verizon would carry or how many qualified for multiple, Verizon CEO Marni Walden acknowledges that Verizon continues to have "healthy conversations" with Nokia.  Could we see a Verizon Lumia 820 or 920?

Could Verizon's Windows Phone lineup extend beyond Nokia? Certainly. With the Samsung ATIV S in the works and HTC rumored to be announcing the One X version of Windows Phone later this month both are entirely possible given the manufacturers and Verizon's Android connections.

As far as Microsoft is concerned, you can help but think that a solid presence with another U.S. carrier can only help with Windows Phones continued success.

Source: CNET (opens in new tab); Thanks, Xander, for the tip!

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  • If the 920 is not among them, someone is getting punched.
  • +1. Verizon needs to get a high end windows phone
  • +2 and kicked. More options means more business. Don't let this opportunity pass you by big red.
  • yeah, really like verizon (never been on another carrier) and am grandfathered into an unlimited data plan, but if the 920 isn't coming I'll switch without hesitation; i'm already trying to decide which matching all-yellow accessories I'm going to get!
  • Agreed %100. I have a deep fear that we will get shafted with the 820...I can't shake this horrible feeling...if this happens, so long for good Verizon.
  • If I was a betting man, I'd put money on the Nokia 820 and the high-end HTC phone going to Verizon.
  • I'm willing to bet this is a done deal and Verizon WILL carry the 920.
  • I wouldn't be too sure about that for one reason. It sounds too good to be true.
  • Tell me about it. Can't see myself leaving Verizon and i want Nokia. Though i will go for Lumia 820 if they don't get Lumia 920.
  • KeegdnaV42 - Get your punching bag out brotha!  Looks like the Verizon Executives have again lied to all of us.  THEY ARE NOT evaluating their relationship with Nokia for Windows Phones.  They have already made a decision and are going LOW END with Nokia.  Thanks to the Verizon employee for sharing:
  • This link does not work.
  • What! Just when I thought I would move to Verizon instead of AT&T for the lumia 920! Crappers.
  • Good for some people. I just want the 920 on AT&T.
  • Same here.  They've got the best deals in my area, so I'd really rather not switch providers just to get a good WP8 model.
  • Would be surprised if it didn't go to at&t.
  • Who else would carry it?
  • VZW don't be lame, bring the Lumia 920 already...  In red please.
  • Joy! I love my Trophy but, I can't wait to upgrade.
  • Same here it's served me well.
  • Wp7, the reason I left Verizon... Wp8 Nokia lumia 920, the reason I left sprint for Verizon.
  • I will move from Sprint after 15 years to Vz NOW to get the 920.  Will never have the lesser 820.
  • I am also comtemplating a move from Sprint. They have kept me with their excellent customer service and unlimited everything plan and I'm hard pressed to switch. But their disdain for Windows Phone is really starting to irritate me.
  • I will definately consider moving back to Verizon if they carry some high end windows phones. I prefer their network where I live, but didn't prefer their phone linup.
  • My trophy can't connect to Zune anymore, so anything would be welcomed.
  • really? that's odd. have u tried wireless sync over wifi? also, if u have a MSFT store near you they have an offer to buy a warranty on it (even if already broke). its a one-time fee of $50 for 2yrs and you get a free usb/wall/car charger + a nice protective case
  • On so happy with my Verizon WP fan boys
  • Verizon's arrogance will be their undoing watch them not have the Lumia 920 lol. They will wait until it becomes a hit on ATT then get a next generation device from nokia.
  • I'm kind of 2nd thinking the 920 because of a lack of a SD slot but, if verizon got a white one, I would buy it today.
    I do hope Verizon gets a bunch of devices and the 2 Nokia's should be on that list but, I am also waiting the 2 weeks to see what HTC is going to have to offer here.
    Verizon did say they were going to support Windows Phone 8...
  • I used a 16 GB card in my Samsung Focus, to make a total of 24 GB. Lumia 920 has 32 GB built-in. I am good.
  • I have more than 32gb of music I would like ot take with me everywhere I go... and never mind movies and videos...
  • Enough with the foot dragging already Verizon.  Did you not see 100% of the room sleeping today during your Motorola rollout in NYC?  Time to diversify and commit to a new ecosystem.  Time to get in the game Tami Erwin!  Start with the Lumia 920 and every other decision you make after that will make your customers, company and investors 100% satisified.  You owe your current customer base the 920 and you owe everyone other potential VZW customer a Windows Phone ecosystem with a respectable selection of other devices.  Move quickly Ms. Erwin and DON'T DROP THE BALL.
  • +10000000000
    Motorola = UNINSPIRED designs
  • Hey Sprint, you want some of this?
  • I feel your pain, Tricky.  As a Verizon customer, we are only 1 decision away from being in the same boat as every other Sprint customer.  Sprint has 1 Windows Phone.  Verizon has 1 Windows Phone.  Sprint has no "official" Windows Phone 8 commitment.  Verizon has no "official" Windows Phone 8 commitment.  Verizon and Sprint are not as far apart as one may think!
  • Actually Sprint officially retired the HTC Arrive. Sprint currently has no Windows Phone. Unofficially they dropped it months ago. Couldn't find a Sprint store that had one in stock anywhere when my sister wanted to get one.
  • and the CEO of sprint said they have no interest in Windows Phone.... in Public...
    So, I would not count in a large selection of Windows Phone 8 devices on Sprint when released...
  • Sprint will be an idiot not to get the Nokia 920.  I was a Sprint dealer for 13 years.  The 920 is a pure game-changer.  My Arrive WP7 has been the perfect smartphone for business.  I have owned every Windows Mobile OS since inception, WP7 makes the others look like childs play.  Compared to AOS, not even in the game.  WP8 looks to be more of the same.  I will leave Sprint if they do not get the 920.  I love HTC equipment, doubt their upcoming new stuff will come close. 
  • seconded.
  • As long as they get at least one good phone I will be happy. All other carriers coverage sucks where im at. The other carriers being sprint. Gotta love Nebraska. Lol.
  • VZN is tops regardless of where you live. LOL!
  • Nope
  • At&t smokes Verizon in my area. Both me and my girl have LTE handsets and my speeds(Lumia 900) average 20-25 mbs while hers (Droid Charge) is between 6-9 mbs.
  • Good job VZW. Can't wait to upgrade my trophy!
  • +10,000,000
  • I need a high end phone please. 720p+ screen or it's a no go. Whichever manufacturer gets a device out there first gets my money. I am so ready to move on from my Trophy.
  • Pure speculation here but I'm betting that Microsoft and Nokia will make the 920 an AT&T exclusive at first.  Verizon will get the 820 and probably either the HTC or Samsung.  As a Verizon subscriber, it sucks but MS will want to reward AT&T for their loyalty to WP.
  • Personally I would be happy with that Samsung and very happy with a high end HTC. But that's just me.
  • 2 weeks till we see what HTC has to offer (19th).
    Remeber the Lumina 900 came out and HTC released the Titan II, by all the numbers, it is a better phone than the 900. So, I am sure they will have a great phone to go head to head with the 920 WITH a MicroSD slot !
  • I would love to be able to upgrade to the 920. Please Verizon, don't screw us with only one choice. Hope they get both Lumia's, the Samsung and HTC. If there are no Lumia this year, I will switch to AT&T.
  • Love my Trophy, but would like a larger phone. Verizon needs to end their love affair with Android devices.
  • I've been saying this forever I will not be getting a mid range Nokia device. If it's 920 I will get.
    Very intrigued to see if the ativ is to big red and I loved the look of the one x.
  • I want the 920 and if Verizon is not smart enough to carry it, I'll go find it someplace else.
  • Like 'em or not Verizon is the biggest carrier in the U.S. Their anemic support of Windows Phone 7 is a major factor IMO why WinPhone has had a slow start. Android didn't take off until Verizon got behind it with the Droid and the major marketing and ad blitz that went with it. (Who remembers those tech crashing to Earth ads that looked like a movie trailer?) For Windows Phone to become a serious contender to iPhone and Android they need strong support from Verizon: multiple devices, marketing, sincere training for staff that aren't familiar with the advantages of WP.
  • exactly. Lets face it, android would not be where it is today in the US without the push and marketing from Verizon. So how does MS get the same love for wp8?
  • Verizon has publly stated that they are VERY interested in Windows Phone. This could be a great year for Verizon Windows Phone fans ! I think they will go full bore with it this round.
    They did a test with the Trophy and seeing the reviews and customer feedback, it didn't sell like hotcakes but, people loved it. Windows Phone 8 is only going to be better.
  • When I went to buy my Trophy a year ago, the sales person tried to talk me out of it. I went home and ordered it online instead. It will require a major shift by Verizon's and their staff to now support WP the way they should
  • was their a mention of carrieres ??
  • No carrier announcements, no release date, no price.
  • Yes!!!!!  I've been thinking we'd see the 920 on verizon since they rolled out the red. 
    Reading too much into it? Absolutely.  But a man can dream.....
    At any rate, with the 920, the Ativ, and the 8x, big red could quickly be the place to be for wp.
  • All this speculation of AT&T getting the Lumia 920, I hope AT&T also gets a flagship HTC Windows Phone...
  • I'll be getting the lumia 920 on att. Hopefully I can pick it at $199 with a new contract, since mine is up for renewal.
  • I have no plans on leaving At&t , but I would love for the red L920 to go to Verizon and a Magneta and white one for T-Mobile
  • 920 and 820 both have pentaband. Awesome.
  • I think the 920 will be on Verizon it has a cdma radio frequency. But i Could be wrong
  • So still just "healthy conversations" at this point?  If a CDMA/LTE 920 or even 820 were being manufactured for release in Q4, it would be more than just a topic of conversation.
    Face it, fellow subs, it's going to be whatever HTC and maybe Samsung bring.  And multiple likely means 2.  *sigh*
  • Tjarren in 100% correct:  The new Sammy ATIV is not too bad and HTC now knows they have to bring a bomb to the party.  As in something more than HTC with Beats Audio!  :)
  • Several sites are reporting that Verizon will have 2 phones: a Lumia 822 (CDMA version of the 820) and whatever HTC announces later this month.
  • Looks like Verizon is going to give us crap in terms of a Nokia phone:   Looks like Verizon Executives are full of the same crap they want to sell.  This article puts a different slant on things compared to the WP Central tidbit:  The WMPoweruser piece shows 2 timid Executives afraid to jump on the Nokia bandwagon.  That means we will see the Sammy and some of the 9/19 HTC devices at Verizon - over the Nokia 920.
  • I dont think Verizon will go with Nokia because there is not enough space to put there stupid huge logo in front, unless they decide to take the whole back area.
  • *their