Verizon Windows Phone?

For those on the Verizon Network hoping to have more selection with your Windows Phone beyond the HTC Trophy may not have long to wait. Verizon's Chief Marketing Officer, Tami Erwin, is letting everyone know that Verizon will be carrying multiple Windows Phone devices later this year.

While Erwin would elaborate on which Windows Phones Verizon would carry or how many qualified for multiple, Verizon CEO Marni Walden acknowledges that Verizon continues to have "healthy conversations" with Nokia.  Could we see a Verizon Lumia 820 or 920?

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Could Verizon's Windows Phone lineup extend beyond Nokia? Certainly. With the Samsung ATIV S in the works and HTC rumored to be announcing the One X version of Windows Phone later this month both are entirely possible given the manufacturers and Verizon's Android connections.

As far as Microsoft is concerned, you can help but think that a solid presence with another U.S. carrier can only help with Windows Phones continued success.

Source: CNET; Thanks, Xander, for the tip!