Verizon testing a $99 unlimited wireless plan

It appears Verizon Wireless is testing another unlimited wireless plan.

According to the research firm Current Analysis, Verizon will test a $99 unlimited talking, texting and date plan in Los Angeles and San Diego markets. If the plan eventually rolls out nationwide, it will compete directly with Sprint's $99 Simply Everything plan and T-Mobile's comparable $99 unlimited plan.

The $99 plan represents a $20 per month savings from what Verizon currently charges for these unlimited features. The test package is being described by Verizon as a limited time promotion available for single line accounts. It is not available for family plans and does not include domestic long distance.

If you're in the Los Angeles or San Diego markets, check your local retail outlet for availability or contact Verizon's customer service at 1-800-922-0204.

Verizon is also testing a Unlimited Any Mobile plans in parts of Texas and Louisiana which offers unlimited calling to any mobile number. This latest test plan may be an indication we're about to see an overhaul of Verizon's wireless plan structure.


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  • If that goes live to all customers I'd jump on that in a second. Assuming it's true unlimited and not the 5GB capped bullshit.
  • Better play it safe and read all the fine print on this one. On that note though, for a mobile phone, how can you blow bast 5GB in one month? Most people don't even do that on their home desktops.
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