Verizon Touch Pro 2 available online

As promised, the Verizon version of the HTC Touch Pro 2 is now available on Big Red's Web site (opens in new tab). A couple hundred bucks along with an online discount and two-year deal will send it on its way. As noted in our comments previously, it'll be a number of days before we see this bad boy in stores.

Phil Nickinson

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  • In the mean time at AT&T... (Crickets chirping)
  • Exactly how did you do that? When I first saw it online it was not advertising the promotion price, and then when I logged in to my account to try and would not show the phone. I ended up having to call to place an order so that my upgrade would apply. Later in the afternoon the promotion discount shows up, but the phone still does not show up when you try to upgrade through the account.
  • Just ordered mine - paid $100 with my upgrade discount (been waiting long enough!!!). Should have it by tomorrow. FYI - stores do not have dummy phones or demos so you will have to visit T-mo or Sprint if you want to hold it or wait until late Oct.
  • Exactly how did you do that? When I first saw it online it was not advertising the promotion price, and then when I logged in to my account to try and would not show the phone. I ended up having to call to place an order so that my upgrade would apply. Later in the afternoon the promotion discount shows up, but the phone still does not show up when you try to upgrade through the account.
  • It was on and off the site all day. Go to the store and twist some arms - you can stop at T-mo or Sprint on the way and actually SEE one if you like =). I'm sitting on the front steps waiting for FedEx right now!!! If that punk in the store lied to me about delivery date I'm going back in to rip his jugular out if I have to wait until Monday!!
  • As of an hour ago, I still couldn't order online. Could get to the accessories page in the ordering process, but no further. Others reported the same problem. You would think that a big tech company could do better. I bet there was no trouble ordering those teen texting and music phones on the first day. Bet they didn't even hide the release until the last minute either. We really do need to just be able to buy phones directly from the manufacturers and deal with whichever carrier gives the best service.
  • I agree with you. I understand this is the normal method of operation in much of Europe and Asia. I really think we would be better off with this ability here in th USA as well. I'm not expecting to see it change that way any time soon, though.
  • Buying from a maker to use on the carrier of your choice is available in Europe as it is with some US carriers. Smartphones cost double to triple that "European way." That is why 96% of all smartphones phones sold in Europe are sold locked ot a carrier where they are subsidized like here. Service for smartphones is generally much more in Europe where open unlimited data is rare and you are almost always on a meter.
  • I too had issues with Online sales today-- and was forced to go through telesales; which also excludes me from the online only (immediate) $100 off, and forces me into MIR. I'd like to know when/if that screenshot/picture with the upgrade price was taken. The Vzw forums, and Reps, have confirmed that the upgrade is not working for anyone, online, yet. So was the picture 'choped?
  • i cant even find the phone online right now. you go to the smart phone section and its not listed. im hoping that that is because they are fixing the rebate. i did go to my local verizon store though and they said it was 299 they didn't know anything about a rebate
  • Not quite sure what you guys are talking about. It's still online for me, and the picture you see above is exactly the same as it was when I took the screen shot this morning. Sorry if you're having problems, though. Try this link again ...
  • Got mine ordered today via telesales..... I dont mind handling the MIR. Sure is nice to be the one to be able to raz the Sprint guys now.... $350 after MIR is pretty rediculous, and now we end up with the better looking device, and NO GIMPING by VZW this time! Glad I stuck with them. Though I must say, I've had the Touch Pro for almost a year now, with a custom rom it has been a great device and still had more free RAM after boot than any previous WinMo device I've owned (73 MB free on boot). It's been speedy and reliable for me. Can't wait for the HSPL unlock and new kitchens for the TP2!
  • "and NO GIMPING by VZW this time!" You just don't know your Gimping. The GSM slot is Gimped to to Verizon only and the Sprint one is open. :) No "kitchen" will fix that.
  • Just ordered it via Telesales for 100 bucks. I gotta say, my upgrade date was late December, but all it took was "well I mean, Sprint's new 70 bucks a month plan looks pretty good right about now.." and all of a sudden I'm getting a TP2 for 100 bucks. Beautiful.
  • I Want to the verizon cite, and there's no online rebate for me. I tried signed on as myself and logged off. $299. Maybe the $199 is only for those upgrading with a NE2? Dunno. Assuming the screen shot isn't faked, is Verizon pricing it differently based on geographical area or something? What makes you so special? And I certainly don't believe anon above who says they got it for $100. There's always these people posting claiming to get great deals that for some reason never seem to be available to me.
  • I will eventually get if for $100 once I mail my rebate in.
  • True that. I PAID $199 and get $100 rebate - 'nuff said.
  • Ordered mine from telesales, overnight with Saturday delivery before Noon. I will have mine tomorrow...
  • I returned my recently purchased Touch Pro at the VZW store today and got my upgrade eligibility reset. Since my NE2 drops into less than 2 months I'm just gonna rock my XV6800 till I can get this beast for a cool $100 after MIR. Not a problem since it doesn't show up on the VZW site for me anyway. If I don't log in and change my location to the west coast I can get it to show up but still can't chose it as an upgrade when I'm logged in.
  • Hmmm, maybe I won't end up getting this for $100. I found the Sept rebate form online and it's only good through Oct. 3rd. Hopefully they will offer the $100 as an in stant online rebate by the time I'll be buying one.
  • Ordered mine online around 7PM EDT, from 'My Account'.
    Used the 'Upgrade my phone' link, and got it for $99 after online discount and new-every-2. I should have it in hand on Tuesday.
  • In AZ, logged in just after midnight no TP2 for upgrade or new cust. Chkd again just after 1am, TP2 shown for $299.00 for new cust. still not listed from upgrade link. Called 8:30am fri & ordered: $299 - $100 MIR (visa card to arrive in mail) - $100 new every 2 (account owner) = $99. Sales acted dumb to not shown in upgrade section. Stupid that no car charger available thru VZ, but her manager suggested a car charger adapter for ~$15 (wall charger plugs into this 12V adapter) (must be a tiny invertor? - anxious to check it out). Not sure if I'll keep it as now I would need an extra wall charger which VZ also did NOT carry for TP2. hmmm - sound like a rushed launch? well certainly unorganized due to their hush hush tactics. My local VZ rep at the chandler mall who claims to be responsible for "all the merchandising" says he normally gets promotional lit., posters, etc the day before a phone launch, had not received anything about the TP2 (this was 8pm Thursday). I stated that its a shame that VZ puts their employees in a bad situation when customers know more than they do. I stated that they should at least let their employees know about where custs. can get the new phone - its basic good cust. service. he immediately checked his email and low and behold there was the info explaining the price, avail. online only, specs and other facts about the launch which must have been [business] hours before the launch (not sure what time he got that email. no wonder there is so much confusion - marketing is withholding info from their own troops.
  • Here in TN it's still not available through the upgrade link either. But I did notice they have dropped the price on it by $40. Right now for a new customer in TN the $100MIR is taken off on the website so it's only $159 + tax. I'm tempted to call and jump on this, but I want to wait for my NE2 which I get 11/08. I have a feeling I won't get as good a price but we'll see.
  • BTW guy at VZ had excellent cust service skills was really trying to be of service.
  • You guys might want to re-check your upgrade dates. I was due for my NE2 in Oct with end of contract in Dec. I was told that I could upgrade this past August so now I'm just waiting to see on in the store before ordering.
  • If you were on a two year contract that would make sense because you are actually eligible for an upgrade after 20 months on a 2 year contract. NE2 is the date listed, no matter what.
  • Seems like whatever was keep the TP2 from showing up as an upgrade was fixed, it's listed for me now. Knowing I could get this for $159.99 now, it's gonna be hard to hold out for my NE2 Nov. 8th.