Verizon Trophy: Another Unicorn Sighting?

The Verizon Trophy release is rumored to be just around the corner. While at times the Verizon Windows Phone has felt more like a unicorn than reality, we've learned of another sighting.

A Central New Jersey Ebay Classified ad is listing the Verizon Trophy for $395 or best offer (cash only). The Trophy is advertised as having a clean ESN, ready to be activated on any Verizon line.

There is no mention as to where or how the seller (an unregistered user) acquired the phone but there are a few pictures of the Trophy that lends a little credence to the add. Still, as with other ads of this nature, caveat emptor (buyer beware) is a good philosophy to follow.

Nonetheless, hopefully this is a good sign that the Verizon Trophy will become reality soon.

Thanks goes out to Byron for the tip!

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Oh please make this madness end! Not EVEN the best WP7 out there but I'm so ready I'll overpay to dance with this ugly girl!!! hmmmmm their plan may have worked!!! ;-)
  • I'm not sure if I'm prepared to pay more than $100 on contract for this lackluster model. All the other carriers are practically giving these phones out for free.
  • why is verizon playing games wtf nobody knows nothing about this phone the xperia play and the revolution got announced today but no trophy? wtf im almost convinced to just wait for phones with mango already installed this is BS
  • Effing Verizon...That is all I have to say!
  • Interesting... It does have the red inside casing that is supposedly on the Verizon Trophy. But only 8gb of memory? Something doesn't seem right.
  • I am pretty sure it has 16 GB.The description was copied from this page:
  • Ahh, good call. Anything below 16 is a no go.
  • The Verizon release of the HTC Trohpy will have 16gb, look up the Microsoft Promo poster, it's clearly listed there. Also it was confirmed by the Verizon beta testers that gave us the leaked pictures.
  • As somebody mentioned in the Verizon Trophy thread in the forums, if you zoom in on the picture it looks like the Verizon logo is photoshopped onto the phone. Also, how would the phone be on when the battery is out?This is likely a fake.
  • 1. The phone is not on: that's a plastic sticker.2. You can see that the logo looks real from the air bubble.
  • Interesting points.I didn't realize that was a sticker on the screen. I guess I do see the air bubble, but it still looks fishy around the logo. Maybe it's just some artifacts from the JPG compression. I wouldn't know, I'm no imaging expert.I guess I'm skeptical about anything regarding this phone. As always, I hope I'm wrong.
  • I have no doubt left that the phone is real because a member of WMPoweruser bought the phone.
  • Sold yesterday at 9:30am :( I got a reply this morning. I will say the guy sounded like it was true, I do not question it.
  • Yes, a member from WMPoweruser bought the Trophy.
  • I'm so tired of waiting for this phone. The sad thing is is that I'm going to keep waiting. :C