Video Memories gets updated, brings about a name change and new features

Earlier this year we took a look at UbiShow, a feature rich slideshow video creator for Windows Phone. The app offered an easy to use method of converting your still images into video slideshows from vacation, special events or any other situation where you need to share a collection of photos in video format.

The developer has been busy fine-tuning the app and has recently released an updated version that not only changes the app's name to Video Memories but also adds a host of new features to the mix. UbiShow was an appealing slideshow creator and the new features brought about with the updated version only adds to the app's appeal.

Video Memories greets you with the same main menu style that UbiShow did with options to create a new show, manage your music backgrounds, view any videos already created, view the tutorial, offer feedback to the developer and choose your language support. The panoramic main menu will also display the latest videos you have worked with on the adjacent pages.

Video Memories

The update bring about more editing tools such as effects filters and frames. All told, the main features of Video Memories now include:

  • Over 30 slide transition effects (blending, rotations, flipping, etc.)
  • Over 20 filters for image enhancement (sepia, sketch, negative, etc.)
  • Over 20 photo frames to use for video themes (birthdays, anniversaries, nature, etc.)
  • Over 30 fonts to choose from for subtitles (even has Comic Sans!)
  • Resumable video encoding
  • HD Video quality
  • Background music can be from the phone, SD card or Xbox Music
  • Resumable YouTube uploading
  • Support for cloud storage via Windows Phone sharing options (OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.)

You also have the ability to share videos through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Video Memories

Core slideshow controls include photo duration, video length, scaling, video quality and background music. The interface really hasn't changed much (other than adding the new editing features) and still takes a little time to get used to. It's more of an issue of becoming familiar with everything than being overly complicated.

One of the few items missing that stands out to me with Video Memories is that while the app has a healthy supply of transition effects and filters, none of them are labeled. You'll have a little trial and error work before you get used to things.

Video Memories picks up where UbiShow left off with a feature rich Windows Phone app that will let you create video slideshows from your Windows Phone photos. The app is currently free without any ads or limitations. It is our understanding that may not last long so if you've been in the market for a video slideshow creator, now may be the time to act.

Video Memories pulls down a 4.5 Star rating in the Windows Phone Store, which we won't argue with. If you give Video Memories a try let us know what you think in the comments and remember to rate the app in the Store to give the developer a feel for things as well.

  • Video Memories - Windows Phone 8.1 - 21MB - Free - Store Link

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