New Friends App on Xbox One caught on tape

The Xbox One is launching in a little over a month. While we have the overall picture of the console, there’s still a lot minute details to learn about the console itself and the software running on it. In fact, the Xbox team is making tweaks to the operating system as we speak and you’ll already have an update ready for you the day you buy your console.

Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, aka Larry Hryb, just shared a video of how the Friends App will look and function on Xbox Live. Let’s watch it after the break.

Pretty cool right? And holy guacamole, that interface is fast and so clean.

The friends list as you know is more or less still there, but you also now have the ability to have thousands of followers. Something that’s really useful if you’re an amateur or professional gamer with followers on other social networks like YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter.

What’s the difference between a friend and follower? You can follow anyone you want if they allow it via their privacy settings. When you follow someone on Xbox Live you’ll be able to see highlights and video’s they post among other things. But if they follow you back, that creates the friend relationship we’re familiar with on Xbox Live today. When you both follow each other you’ll see deeper information like when they come online, what they’re doing on Xbox One, and when they unlock achievements.

We’re stoked to see the new future of Xbox Live on the Xbox One. This week, the Xbox team will be sharing more information about Xbox Live and we’ll be passing the information on to you all.

It'll be interesting to see how these features trickle down to Windows Phone. Maybe Windows Phone 8.1?

Source: Major Nelson

Sam Sabri