Introducing Parking Pal UK, a unique Windows Phone app, which enables users to search through 14,000 car parks in the UK for spaces, pricing and other features. The app is constantly updated with more car parks being added and existing entires being updated annually. It's guaranteed to improve the life of any driver who frequently parks up.  

Unfortunately, the app does not support on-street parking. Some features include:

  • Car parking information is obtained from the most comprehensive database of car parks in the UK, with over 90 % of car park information updated annually (no on-street parking)
  • Rapid car park location and price information.
  • Choice of using Bing or Google maps.
  • Searches can be filtered to narrow down leads. For example, by toilet availability or locations holding safer parking awards.
  • In-built 'reminder' function- to record where you are parked and note parking ticket expiry time.
  • Live tile with currently parked space information, and ticket expiry time.
  • Ticket expiry reminder alarm.

It's a neat little app with an intuitive user interface and integrated map. Future versions will introduce real-time space information. You can download Parking Pal UK from the Marketplace for £2.29 (trial provides 4 free app uses) and a demo after the break.