Popular Russian network VK Client now available for Windows 8, offering a rich social experience

Digital Cloud Technologies has published VK (www.vk.com) apps for Windows 8 and RT. These clients will enable users to log into their VK accounts and enjoy social features within the familiar Windows 8 experience - perfect for tablets. If you're not into Facebook and would like to try out something new, it's certainly worth looking into (rather humorously, Facebook Connect is supported by VK). VK is the second most popular social network in Europe, but it is used particularly by Russian-speaking users, not being widely known in the US.

Numerous features are available, including basic functionality many would expect to see. Those with accounts can publish entries and attachments on their wall, as well as profiles owned by friends. Messages can be sent and received and group membership can be managed. Should you wish to check out what friends have been up to, galleries and photo support is built-in, as well as the ability to upload new shots.

VK Client

It's a good looking app overall and since it's free, we're not going to complain at all. You can download VK Client from the Windows Store for free.

via: WP7 Forum; thanks, Dmitriy, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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