Vote for the Windows Phone commercial featuring NFL Quarterback Cam Newton

Microsoft has a nice collection of celebrity endorsements for Windows Phone 8 from Singer Gwen Stefani to Actress Jessica Alba to Olympic Athlete Kerri Walsh. Cam Newton, NFL Quarterback for the Carolina Panthers (and former Auburn University QB), has also jumped into the action.

Cam is featured in four video spots, each with a slightly different ending such as the "Poundcake and French Fries" version above.

To highlight Cam's Windows Phone experience, Microsoft is holding a poll over on Twitter to see which ending to his Windows Phone commercial should be aired on January 20th during the NFC Championship football game. There are four endings to choose from and you can catch the remaining three just past the break.  To cast your vote and to see the live poll results, just head on over to the Windows Phone Blog.

Just a shame they didn't have a "War Eagle" version...

Source: Windows Phone Blog (opens in new tab); Thanks, Rodney, for the tip!

"Moneybags" ending...

"Catch the Oop!" ending...

"Peanut Butter and Jelly" ending...

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  • Cam and Andy were the best.
  • Your welcome...
  • George it's quarterback.
  • Waiting for Jay Z commercial
  • He did that Duracell with iPhone. Is he too doing for WP
  • The original (from the top of the story) is clearly the best. The others just...they're terrible.
  • If jz rap about windows phones in one his songs, that would be huge..
  • Maybe jz can do a song with ConYay. That would be huge.
  • Lmaoo!!! ^^^
  • ConYay.... jz!! To funny, LMAO!!
  • Unfortunately, the only Panther we'll be seeing in the super bowl :(
  • His football season sucked but he has had some golden commercials.
  • I'm not sure that looking back overall that you can say his season sucked. He turned it on second half. Although the Panthers do suck.
  • Maybe the Jay-Z ad will air during the Superbowl? After all, his wife is doing the halftime show...probably just wishful thinking though.
  • Rather see Microsoft run ads that will interest business users it's the only way I see them making any strong increase in market share.
  • The cam Newton is cool. Geared more to a younger generation. So far the videos I've seen are not directly geared to the younger demographic which is sad
  • They need a low end device to advertise to the teens with social app integration and music.
  • Unfortunately they need instagram, snap chat, and others first. So many teens are passing on WP because of that.
  • And another Microsoft ad that shows absolutely zero reason for people to switch to WP8. Oh look, it has a camera and mms. Christ, Microsoft really doesn't know how to advertise.
  • I guess you only watched the end of the ad as it actually shows quite a lot more to garner cosumer interest:
    * Beautiful phone
    * Personalised homescreen with interactive & moving live-tiles (unlike anything they would've seen on ios or android)
    * Recipe & other apps in the background
    * Xbox live
  • I think these commercials are great but they are not all that different from the other MS celebrity commercials. They need to talk up the voice to and from text feature, integrated Facebook, groups, family room, etc.
  • These commercials are honestly so damn awful
  • I honestly think that's a bad campaign... why would i care about any celebrities ( i don't even know them ) having Windows Phone ? I mean come on, i'm a fan of WP platform, but those commercials are just pointless. Make them like the first Surface commercial, make WP platform look serious, not those silly "i'm famous and can take a picture with my phone, and i'm famous" commercials...
  • Seems to me they are actually pretty successfull.  I have a lot of friends who are very into football.  When we were watching a game, and this commercial came on, several of them immediately said "Poundcake, French Fries!".  With football fans, a commercial series featuring NFL players and good humor can go a long way (think Old Spice commercials).
  • You are precisely right.
  • Poundcake French fries!
  • who fricken cares of cam. I don't even know who hell this person. Others celebrities I heard of.
  • Why do I get the message"sorry we can't play this file on your phone" when I try and view the videos on a 920?