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Walmart is restocking the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5 today

Xbox Series X S Bros
Xbox Series X S Bros (Image credit: Windows Central)

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S may become available at Walmart later today, thanks to a report from the Verge.

Walmart's landing pages for the Xbox Series X shows a restock available at 3 pm ET, January 21, 2021, giving interested shoppers another chance to nab one of Microsoft's elusive consoles. This is just for the base console, which will include one controller. You can find the Xbox Series X at Walmart (opens in new tab) for $499, and the Xbox Series S at Walmart (opens in new tab) for $299.

If you're looking for the PS5, you can find the PS5 at Walmart (opens in new tab) at the same time for $499 as well. The Digital PS5 at Walmart (opens in new tab) for $399 will also have new stock.

The Xbox Series X|S has been very hard to find ever since its launch, and stock shortages are expected to continue for another few months. However, we keep track of where to buy the Xbox Series X|S to make it as simple as possible for shoppers.

Xbox Series X/S


Zachary Boddy
Zachary Boddy

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  • Had the Series X in my cart and was about to buy when I realized I was being greedy and cleared it from my cart. I already have one on my main TV...and am good with a One X in my living room. I hope someone here grabbed the one I gave up.