The Walking Cat, a puzzle game full of zombie cats and traps

The Walking Cat is a puzzle game for your Windows Phone that is one of long lost love and a zombie trying to toss a wet blanket on romance.

The story line behind The Walking Cat has you playing the role of Captain Puffy who has been separated from his love, Miss Purr-Purr. To re-unite these two lovebirds you will need to guide Captain Puffy through a maze while avoiding various booby-traps and the ZombieCat who wants to eat his brains.

Available for low-memory devices, The Walking Cat is a casual puzzle game that does grow on you. It will test your strategy skills to stay one step ahead of the zombie and a nice time waster of a game.

Plenty of gaming levels

The main menu for The Walking Cat has options to mute the sound and music, links to view the about screen, rate the game in the Store and change the game's language support.

The Walking Cat has 230 levels of play, which begins with a tutorial that spans the first few levels. The game lacks a dedicated help section but the tutorial does a good job of walking you through game play. As new elements are introduced to the game, look for tutorial windows to pop-up to explain things.

The game screen itself is a squared grid that will vary in size. Miss Purr-Purr will be placed on one side of the grid, Captain Puffy is often at the opposite end of the grid and ZombieCat somewhere in between the two.

The game grid will have a series of walls that will hide Captain Puffy from the ZombieCat along with an assortment of traps that can be triggered by both Captain Puffy and ZombieCat.

At the bottom of the gaming screen, you will find a pause button, a hint/solution button and a reset button. You are afforded ten credits to go towards hints or solutions (they cost 1 or 3 credits respectively) and if you run out, you can always pick up more through in-app purchases.

Staying one step ahead

Game play is somewhat simple. You use the directional arrows to move Captain Puffy to Miss Purr Purr. For every move the Captain makes, the ZombieCat will get a turn to move towards intercepting Captain Puffy. Captain Puffy can move one square at time while ZombieCat moves two squares.

The walls that are on the gaming grid come into play to hide Captain Puffy from ZombieCat's line of sight. If you keep a wall between you and the zombie, the zombie will not move.

The traps can help your cause because not only can they be sprung on Captain Puffy, they can also be sprung on ZombieCat. ZombieCat tends to move in a straight line towards the Captain and is oblivious of any traps that lie in his way. If a trap hangs him up, it is smooth sailing to reach Miss Purr Purr.

Game play is rather on the easy side for the first few levels. After that the game takes on a chess match feel with you keeping Captain Puffy one step ahead of the ZombieCat.

Overall Impression

The Walking Cat is a fun game to pass the time with and has a slight addictive quality about it. The graphics are well drawn up and the puzzles present a nice challenge.

If I had to find something to gripe about with The Walking Cat is that the zombie cat looks more like a panda bear than a cat. I also wouldn't mind seeing the ZombieCat drag about like a zombie. Maybe drop a few body parts along the way?

Nonetheless, while the ZombieCat could be more zombie-like by no means is that a deal breaker. All in all, The Walking Cat is an entertaining game for Windows Phone and not a bad time waster of a game.

  • The Walking Cat - Windows Phone 8 and 7.x - Free - Store Link

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