Walking Dead and Windows 8 ad finally shows up

Earlier this morning we wrote about the new Windows 8 commercial that aired during the Waking Dead on AMC last night.

Reader pbroy managed to rip a copy from a recording of the show and now we can show it to you in all its glory. The video gets quite a chuckle and should do well as far as gaining attention. Thanks, pbroy, for the video!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Finally, a good commercial.
  • I agree!  Finally no dubstep crap, but they still threw in a hipster with skinny jeans...
  • So can you redirect you text messaging from your service provider to your win8 tablet?
  • No. This is windows lice serivce - called messenger or facebook chat or other. But no gsm sms service
  • I dont want windows lice, you can keep that to yourself.
  • That would be incredible
  • I wish! Ala Blackberry Playbook style with Bluetooth. It would be sooo good!
  • webOS supported this between their phones and the Touchpad. I was really hoping Microsoft would bring this to Windows 8/Windows Phone 8, especially since this will be the first time I'll be in the complete ecosystem to use it.
  • Not yet, although there's no API restriction preventing carriers from offering an "account" setup for that.
  • "Waked Dead"?
  • No... "Waking Dead"
  • "The Walking Dead"
  • That was an awesme commercial.  Microsoft is already doing a great job advertising...can't wait to see more.
  • I thought it was pretty darn funny.
  • Very good stuff.  MS needs to do more these types of commercials for other shows.
  • Hope its a start of things to come, great stuff
  • " it's a date."
    " I can't wait to eat you."
    Seems a little tongue in cheek, especially for MS.
  • Lol "I can't wait to eat you" Yea... The feeling is mutual babe.
  • Lovly stuff, absolutely lovly.
  • There was also a 2nd Windows 8 ad during the Walking Dead. It was a Countdown 10... 9... 8... 8... 8... Awesome ad that really showed off Windows 8.
  • They should have put a WP8 in there as well.
  • Wow, that ad was way better than The Walking Dead.
  • You sir are so very lame...
  • From that comment you must not like other equally well done shows like game of thrones and breaking bad this must also mean you don't like well done games what a sad life you must have how does one stay entertained without quality entertainment?
  • +1
  • That was a pretty darn awesome tv ad. I know it's for W8, but it's awesome to see the familiar Metro UI getting this much exposure. It can only help WP's cause.
  • W8 & Zombies, how can someone not like this?
  • Is that a Surface?
  • WalkingDead SEASON 3 PREMIERE NOW REIGNS AS BIGGEST TELECAST FOR DRAMA IN BASIC CABLE HISTORY. So alot of people would have seen it. Sorry for the all caps it was copy and paste.
  • Need a Grimm version.
  • So epic!!!
  • Just saw windows 8 commercial on Ch 7 showing during tv show castle. This is good keep showing it on popular tv shows