Want a brand new PC, but don't have the cash? Let other people "Chip In"! (US Students Only)

This week Microsoft launched a new site, WindowsChipIn.com. The site aims to help students without adequate financial resources raise money for a new Windows 8 PC or tablet via their social networks.

The program is three step: First, select the Windows PC you would like. Next, create a profile and invite friends to contribute towards your new high-tech gadget. Finally, collect the profits and flee to Mexico buy your PC.

To help you get started, Microsoft contributes 10% off the PC cost. In addition, if you reach your goal you will be shipped a copy of Office 365 University edition.

To take advantage of the deal you must be a full or part time enrolled university student or faculty member. To prove your identity you will need to provide a school email address, student identity card, or college acceptance letter.

Are you ready to start begging your friends and family for money – go for it here.

What do you think of fundraising for your tech?

Michael Archambault