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Want a brand new PC, but don't have the cash? Let other people "Chip In"! (US Students Only)

This week Microsoft launched a new site, The site aims to help students without adequate financial resources raise money for a new Windows 8 PC or tablet via their social networks.

The program is three step: First, select the Windows PC you would like. Next, create a profile and invite friends to contribute towards your new high-tech gadget. Finally, collect the profits and flee to Mexico buy your PC.

To help you get started, Microsoft contributes 10% off the PC cost. In addition, if you reach your goal you will be shipped a copy of Office 365 University edition.

To take advantage of the deal you must be a full or part time enrolled university student or faculty member. To prove your identity you will need to provide a school email address, student identity card, or college acceptance letter.

Are you ready to start begging your friends and family for money – go for it here.

What do you think of fundraising for your tech?

  • Hmm, when I visited I got a security certificate warning (wp7).
  • Yeah, I'm a little skeptical about this.
  • It's real, MS has a press release about it on their site.
  • This kind of blows my mind. I would be incredibly embarrassed to ask for money for a PC for college. I took out a loan when I was in college and that paid for classes and laptop.
  • Not everybody wants to be in serious debt when they leave college.
  • Right, so let's ask other people to share in part of the responsibility of being equipped for college?  Debt, is something that we all consider when thinking about going to college.  You should be thinking about which school will provide you with the most scholarships and what schools will allow you to use federal grants, so that you don't have the most debt coming out, or no debt at all.  College is a huge step in personal responsibility.  Judging by so many of the comments below, the general consensus is that every little bit helps when trying to go to college, given the slimmer likelihood of finding a job upon graduation.  In this day and age, you shouldn't be going to college for something if you don't think you will be able to find a job in your field when you graduate.  Why spend all the money, or in this case, other people's money as well.
  • Well said.
  • So maybe college students everywhere should complain to all the universities charging outrageous sums of money. At the very least, for the price, schools should be giving every student free laptops. It's insane how out-of-control tuition has gotten and instead of trying to address the root of the problem the government just keeps throwing money at the schools via runaway student loans. Instead of complaing about what the damn schools are charging everyone's idiotically complaining about loan debt like acquiring debt is a fact of life. Last year college tuition went up on average 4.8% which is more than double the rate of inflation. And that was the smallest increaste in 12 years! I've heard that is a gallon of milk had risen in price at the same rate from 1980 to today we'd be paying over $40. This was a few years ago, so today that gallon of milk would probably be $50 or $60.
  • ^  +1
  • Most people have hundreds of Facebook friends- $10 from just 100 friends would get you the surface pro.
  • And that would have been so nice if Facebook even existed when I was in college.  Who wouldn't want a Surface Pro from your friends for free. (Dreaming with a smile)
  • US only.... :'(
  • Lol it's a free 10% off and office what's to hate Microsoft helping out the little man apple would of charged 10% for the IChip-In
  • Apple has a student discount.
  • A terrible discount I might add.
  • Yeah, for an overpriced laptop, Apple discount sure seems sweet!
  • Any apple discount would surely only reduce their iTax, the privilege of having an glowing apple to show that you belong to the club.
  • Neat idea for those brave enough to ask their social circle to help buy a computer.
  • Only US... MS does it again....
  • Then move to US? Its a great country.
  • Yeah, if you wanna be spied on.
  • I've got nothing to hide, do you?
  • Then show us the vids where you are f*cking your wife...
  • LOL... you realize that the US actually spies on the rest if the world even more right?
  • Moving to the US might be a little drastic just to get a slightly discounted Computer
  • Everything is US only, when will companies realise that there are countries outside of America that are just as important.
  • Lol why not complain why companys from those countries ain't donating instead of a us company donating to us people
  • boooooom!
  • Thats quite the stupid remark when a company goes global..
  • +1 xkirax
  • Keep telling yourself that. USA! USA! USA!
  • There are probably other laws that are in the way?
  • Exactly
  • I just got accepted into Graduate School to become a high school English teacher--will definitely do this.
  • Congrats! I just got accepted to graduate school for Computer Science and might try this out too. Saving any extra money helps, considering how costly school is here.
  • Yeah, hopefully my 70 friends don't mind throwing me a few bucks!
  • You are going to Graduate school to be a high school English teacher?  I would think a college degree would be sufficient.  Might want to consider whether the extra expense is going to pay off in the future (particularly if you have to go into debt for it.)...just my two cents from a random Internet stranger.
  • It really depends where you're from, but in the US, it's not uncommon for people who want to teach high school to pursue a Master's Degree in education or their field of study, on top of teaching credentials. It seems a little up there, but that seems to be where the bar is set now.. at least in California.
  • It's still quite bizarre for high school. I can understand for university level teaching, but high school is pretty basic (comparatively) and generally only needs a standard degree (3 years in Australia).
  • Hurrah :)
  • Everyone always complains when a promotion is US only, but in reality a lot of times there are laws and things in place that prevent some promotions and such in other countries. Even the contests in the states are sometimes void in certain states.
  • USA! USA! USA!
  • ^
  • Umm no, no country is more important than U.S.A, that why nobody realizes is why other countries look to us for help all the time...not to mention we provide more money to the United Nations than ANY other country...which I hope changes soon...
  • Considering how hard it is to find a job out of college now, in conjunction with the heavy burden of student loans, I think this is a great idea. There is no shame here.
  • USA! USA! USA!
  • Don't embarrass us anymore, please. US is not the world, nor is it the center of the world. And you have nothing to do with being born here.
  • Actually, I'm 75% Cherokee... and we not only believe that a section of S.E. America is the center of the world, but also the universe. So...
    USA! USA! USA!
  • Oh, wait, what is this website?
    Yes, it is the US debt (to the Chinese.)
    The USA is broke, let's face it.
    And of course they provide more, they are larger than all the other countries.
  • So... it works like this?
    I just created a Windows Chip In profile to help me crowd source my new Windows PC for school. Check it out!
    Man I desperately need a surface pro.
  • "Need" or "want"?
  • Just like I said. Need.
  • Why a surface pro, if you really NEED a computer, you should buy a nice inexpensive laptop instead. Society is really messed up these days....
  • I need a powerful tablet. I've built computers since I was in elementary school I know what kind of performance I have to have for the job I'm doing and a tablet would make my life so much easier than a bulky laptop. What's wrong with me needing something to fit my current situation? I know what I need, I drive a 200 dollar 22 year old car not a modern car...I know my priorities right now but thank you for your concern.
  • You can get more powerful tablets or laptops for the same or less money. For the same tech specs you can get a Dell inspiron laptop for $500. You can get similar tablets in the $500-800. Even the cheapest 64GB surface pro is $910+. If you want a powerful tablet you should look at other brands to get more bang for your buck i.e. an I7 model instead of an I5. Realistically the Surface range of tablets are luxury items for those that can afford it, but if you're a starving student you should probably be looking at more powerful and more economical I7 laptops. The weight difference would be minimal...
  • I'm sorry but your wrong. I've done my research and there really isn't a better offer. The surface pro has laptop power in a tablet form better than those you mentioned. No matter how you look at it that's what I need. I need too much power than those others can offer. Like I said I know my stuff and only I know what I need...Im just wondering why I'm being badgered for my decision.
  • First world problems.
  • The issue here is the definition of "need". The only things that any of us "need" are food, water, air, and shelter. While you may want a Surface Pro to help you advance in your profession, it is not a need. The brush does not make the artist.
  • No. Stop acting like you know my situation. I need something with the portability and the graphics and the surface pro has what I need. You don't know what I do with my computer to make money. I'm not talking about a flashy computer for fun and games, I'm talking about a mobile powerhouse that will not only be up to standards for my college needs, but render graphics good enough for my real clients who I work with. You have no right to judge me if you don't know me. Why don't you go sell your nice car because you don't "need" it. Sell your nice house because you don't "need" it. Fact is, I know what I need for work and school and that will let me pay my bills. What right do you have to tell me what I need when I bust my ass every day for so little. Try being supportive for once and don't 'assume' you know what's best for others because that's arrogance in my book...unbelievable.
  • I'm so glad the Surface Pro came out, otherwise you'd never have able to accomplish those tasks with any of the other tools on the market. For the record, I have no debt other than my modest home mortgage 15 year note. I drive a 12 year old Honda with over 200k miles because I hate car payments. I have 5% of my income going towards retirement. I give 12% of my income to charity (sometimes ones exactly like this program). I've worked hard for everything that I've got, and I commend you for doing that and I encourage you to continue on that path in the future. Just be careful, because the term "need" reeks of entitlement.
  • The difference is, that for half the price you get a system that is on par or superior to the Surface. That satisfies the "need". Your "want" pushes the cost out to double of the "need".  You are being badgered because you are publicly begging for money, and so people are challenging whether your "need" is real. You are saying that you simply cannot do with anything less than the Surface, but it is a farce. There are more economical options with more computing power, and therefore your desire is firmly in the realms of "want".
    If graphics are important then you would go for a laptop or netbook with an onboard graphics card when you want to save power and a dedicated graphics card that you can fire up for when you really want to push things. I had an 10" ASUS netbook a few years ago that would easily play most top-end games at high resolution - and yet it was still very light and portable. 3 years later I'm positive it would still blow the doors off the Surface Pro, and cost far less.
    I could care less what you do with the money you earn, I am simply stating that there are far more powerful machines out there for less money. If you don't have the money, then live within your means and buy the most powerful machine for what you can afford. If you want to waste it on something flashy then go ahead, just don't expect others to support you with their wallets. Half of the cost in a tablet goes into making it smaller than it's laptop/netbook counterparts.
    I can't see anyone "needing" a tablet over a laptop. It is like saying that you "need" a ferrari because a cheaper car simply isn't fast enough... when all you need it for is to drive to school each day and to go to the shops.
  • Ummmm...."flee to Mexico" ? I don't get it a joke?
  • Yes
  • I don't get all of the complaining about the US only promotion. I thought everybody that wanted to got free schooling and computers in those socialist European countries /s
  • Your knowledge seems to be 20 years out of date, as there aren't any socialist countries in Europe... But yes, free or cheap education is available in a large number of democratic countries. Healthcare is generally free too, but that's a whole other can of worms :P
  • Firstly, a 10% discount is no more than you might get in any normal sale. So, USA or not, this is a choice is open to everyone where ever you live. The rest is just begging, which is illegal in the UK so I don't advise you try it on Facebook. Phone up your friends and beg them to give money towards your new gadgets, if you have the front to do it. Or take a cap and sit on the curb (but watch out for the Police as it is illegal, as I mentioned).
  • Did anyone else notice that they list the Surface Pro 64GB as $1000 WITH the 10% off discount?
  • Let's see you guys fund my tablet for photography :P