Xbox One

Sky is set to remove the ability for customers to use its Sky Go service through video game consoles (currently supporting the Xbox 360 and not the One just yet) on July 29, that is unless they wish to fork out an extra £5 per month for the privilege. Titled Sky Go Extra, this subscription package will maintain access to the service as it is enjoyed today. It's a blow to the console market, which is increasing focus on TV and streaming service. If you already have Sky Go Extra, you're good to go.

That all said, Sky Go Extra does include some additional features, including the ability to watch and enjoy shows offline, as well as being able to use the service on up to four supported devices. To add salt to the open wound, Sky still has yet to launch its Sky Go service on both Xbox One and Windows Phone (unless you reside in Italy), making that £5 subscription fee even more bewildering for those who reside in a complete Microsoft ecosystem.

We're still waiting for Sky to listen to its customers and effectively support Microsoft platforms. What are your thoughts on the change for consoles?

Source: DigitalSpy