Watch how playing Xbox helped this grandfather and grandson reconnect

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What you need to know

  • Team Xbox is working to help older people connect with people through video games.
  • A new video tells the story of a grandfather and grandson who reconnect through gaming.
  • Team Xbox will work with charities in the UK and around the world to help older people connect with others.

One of the most common challenges of older people today is a lack of human connection. That issue is only exacerbated by the current global pandemic. The Xbox team is working with several groups and charities to help older people connect with others. This work is showcased in a new series called Xbox: Beyond Generations, which highlights the ability of games to help people connect and to encourage young people to game with their older family members.

The first entry of Xbox: Beyond Generations features a grandfather named Howard and his grandson Dhillon. As Howard grew older, he became less able to do activities with Dhillon in person, and the two drifted apart. In the new video, Howard and Dhillon reconnect over the course of four weeks by playing video games.

The touching video shows the two playing Forza and Sea of Thieves as they get to know each other again. The video takes Howard from unboxing his new Xbox and learning how it works to beating his son in a race. When Howard starts playing Forza, he asks, "how do I start the car moving?" Later in the video, he performs a maneuver to pull ahead at the end of a race.

More importantly than Howard's racing skills, is that the video shows how games can help people grow closer. Dhillon says that "the best way to improve a relationship is to learn something together."

The Xbox team is partnering with charities around the world that are dedicated to helping older people. In the UK, the Xbox team will support Age UK, and in other countries, it will work with Age International.

Will Tuttle, Xbox wire editor in chief, invites people in a post to donate to charities or to consider helping in other ways, such as becoming an Age UK Digital Buddy who helps older people learn how to use technology.

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